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  • Member: Honou_Miko
  • Title: Dake no Shoki
  • Premiered: 2006-08-10
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    • Mandy Moore only hope
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  • Comments: This doesn't just have minor spoilers, just be warned. This whole video is a gigantic spoiler. And so is this description, so if you haven't gotten the end of the series, why are you still here? Don't read on!
    Hey, I take my precautions. ^_^

    So the goal of this video was to show Chii learning love from observation, and she has chosen Hideki as her "only person" It's not really an interpretation, because it's what happens. I portrayed her seeing Yumi and Ueda as well as Shinbo and Takako, and realizing that's exactly what she wants for herself and Hideki.

    As far as the deeper details of the video go, I really tried to bring out the instrumentals, especially the cello part. And PLEASE, if you're going to comment on lip sync, please take into consideration the fact that the only lip sync I intended to have in there was from the clip from the opening theme. There are other spots where their mouths happen to be moving, but they're NOT meant to be singing the song.

    All that aside, I hope you enjoy! I worked really hard on this, and appreciate constructive criticism.

    ALSO, I REALIZE OVER A YEAR LATER: I have no idea what crappy online dictionary I used that told me "shoki" meant "hope." I can't change the title.... but, if you'll consider this renamed "Dake no Mikomi," that would make my day.

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