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  • Member: Hadien
  • Title: I Won't Break the Chain
  • Premiered: 2006-04-29
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    • Muse Stockholm Syndrome
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  • Comments: This AMV was my first and it was a very experimental AMV for me at that. when I started the project my computer had limited resources (about 5 gigs of free space, 192 mb of RAMBUS RAM, yeah 192, I don't know how, and a celeron processor of doom) and I had never heard of any of the AMVapps. I was never satisfied with the outcome because I always unwittingly exported it in either a lossy codec or a codec that in turn made the file far too large. and I didn't have huffYUV nor Lagarith, only Cinepak and uncompressed.

    Because of this I never condisdered the project finished so I would tinker on it every once in a while. The way I went to making this project was one of the stupidest methods anyone could think of:

    When my computer maxed out the harddrive with the conformed audio, I would export the enitre project without sound in Cinepak. Then delete all the sources in the project but the song and the export, then delete all the conformed audio and start again from where I left off. This meant that if I wanted to change something in the completed portion of the video then I wouldhave to reimport a source I already deleted and reedit there.
    Since both my audio and video was compressed, Premiere crashed ALOT. Then nearly 3 months later (the project started on Feburary 10) I heard about Emac's and AbsoulteDesinty's guide which was a real help. When I was finally finished with the editing, I exported it uncompressed in two parts and imported into VDubMod. Where I fiddled with all kinds of filters that I didn't properly understand. Due to all the cursing and cusing and impatience I simply threw the vid out into an Xvid format and said it was done cause I didn't care anymore.

    However, with all the work I put into this AMV (the hard way) this became my favorite AMV (out of the two AMVs I have when I wrote this). Still, I want to come back to this AMV later and remaster it when I can. Which I really want to do since the quality gets under my skin even though it doesn't look that bad (for downloaded sources) plus I screwed up the interlacing. I exported it in two parts and the second part I forgot to deinterlace (even though this should have been done before editing). SO.... yeah my vid is progressive til about 1:27 then it becomes interlaced. There's also a couple of motion errors (I found four so far, try and find them all!).

    rant complete

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