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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: Yusuke vs Yomi
  • Premiered: 2006-08-03
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    • Megumi Hayashibara Lively Motion
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  • Comments: Well its been a long time since I last completed a YYH vid, about a year to be exact. This video has taken forever to complete. This video went through so many different song choices. Finally one day I was browsing through my cd collection of different anime songs I came upon this song while searching for a song to use for an upcoming Dragon Ball video. I listened to the song and said ďHey this might be a good choice for my Yusuke vs. Yomi idea.Ē I listened to the song multiple times and the more I heard the song the more I can see the video come together in my mind. Cornwiggle and I were talking about doing Yusuke vs. Yomi vids on aim before. At the time he finished his I was still struggling to find a song to use. The first song I tried testing the idea out on this vid was Move by Thousand Foot Krutch. That idea got scrapped even though the vid was pretty much completed mainly because of all the orphan frames I had to go and edit out. Since there were too many of them and no matter what I did they just kept on appearing there. So I decided to scrap that vid and go with a jpop song as suggested by Cornwiggle. I even did some minor testing before the video I used the song Move by Thousand Foot Krutch. I originally started out with two possible jpop songs but those vids hardly got any editing done to them and ultimately scrapped. The two original songs I used for my early betas were T.M. Revolutionís Invoke and Megumi Hayashibaraís Give a Reason remix. I decided to scrap the Invoke one mainly because there were too many amvs set to that song anyway and it hardly got any editing done as is and just didnít fit as I thought. Mainly because the fight was only two episodes long. The Megumi Hayashibara Reason remix song was scrapped because I didnít have enough scenes to use for it. Either scenes were horribly over stretched or horribly condensed. Other songs passed through the months as I sat there thinking which song to eventually use for the video. Another song idea that crossed my mind was the song Game by Ayumi Hamaskai. Iíve seen other vids with that song before but I didnít really care for them. Then the weekend came that I said I was going to work the vid on and as I was searching for the song to use for my Dragon Ball vid (I was also debating whether to use the Game song and start that as well) I found another song to use which happened to be the song used in this video. Surprisingly there werenít many videos using this song and I decided to go with it. Not to mention that there were hardly any good vids using this song to begin with. Iím a big fan of Yomi and I love the last fight in Yu Yu Hakusho the best. Even though the battle is extremely short.

    Surprisingly this video was very easy to create. I donít have that many special effects in this vid except for a few quick flashy scenes and the opening intro. There are a few scene inconstancies that I am aware of as well. Most of them being towards the beginning when Yusuke and Yomi start powering up. I had to bring some stuff toward the end of there fight to match the beats of the song. I was really opposed on doing this but I had no choice since there were only a few episodes to use. A few other scene consistencies to take note on is the one right after Yusuke gets pummeled to the ground by Yomi then he sees all of his friends during the course of the series. That scene really doesnít happen until toward the end of their fight. I put that scene there because of beat syncing purposes and I was running out of footage to put there. I could have put the scene where Yusuke talks to Raizen there but that would have seemed more out of place since after he talks to Raizen he punches Yomi in retaliation. I timed almost every beat as good as I could possibly get it. There might be a beat or too that doesnít have any time what so ever just because of the nature do that part where that scene takes place during the video. Some noticeable scenes is when Raizen talks to Yusuke there is a beat during that scene which I did not time at all. I was going for more flowing with the story during that part of the scene. Another scene worth mentioning is during the scene towards the end of the video where Yusuke and Yomi are going for their last final punch. There is a beat on Yomiís face. I tried to originally get that scene connecting where Yusuke raises his fist for the last punch but if I moved that down then the ending beats would have been ruined completely. Iíd rather take my chance at ruining one scene then ruining an entire vid all together. So instead I had a little color flash to match the beat.

    The action sync in this vid was very hard to get down. I synced up most of the scenes as best as I could. There were a few spots where I had trouble syncing just because of the nature of that scene and where the scene landed during that part of the song. But other than that I think I did a pretty good job on this vid. The song starts off slow but it gets really addicting especially if you listen to it multiple times in a row. I never really appreciated this song as much until now. I always thought it was an ok song but once you really listen to it you start to like it more. When I first listened to the song I thought this could be a possible choice for a Yusuke vs. Yomi video. It turned out that song really fitted this battle really well. Thereís not really any special effects in this vid but a few flashy sequences and fast cut scenes but thatís pretty much it really. The rest of this vid relies on good action sync. Well hope you enjoy the video.

    Please leave some quick comments on this video. I'd like to know what you think especially those who enjoyed the video.

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