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  • Member: ZeWrestler
  • Studio: TomServo3K Productions
  • Title: Trigun-ic Park
  • Premiered: 2002-11-16
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    • Movie Trailer Jurassic Park 3 Trailer
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  • Comments: This video is the product of many months of hard labor. I got the idea for it when I was watching Jurassic Park 3 in the movie theater with my friend Laura. The Raptors in the movie reminded of the sandworms in Trigun. Both of them were extremely intelligent, and that triggered the idea for the worms in the trailer.
    When I got home that night, I started drafting out the plan for the video. I didn't get a chance to start this video until Christmas break in 2001. Because of school constraints, and other conflicts that came up, I worked on this video off and on for 11 months. Within that time I have learned several things about making videos. All of this I hope will help me when I make future videos. I hope now that the video is good as I wanted it to be, and that those watching it will enjoy all the work I put into it.

    The second link is only temporary until the first one is fixed.

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