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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: Llama Llama!
  • Premiered: 2006-07-31
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    • Burton Earny The Llama Song
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    Sony Vegas 6.0

    Orther crap you don't really need to know:
    Well, this is probably the STUPIDEST video I have EVER made. It will probably kill my opinon averages, but I don't care. -.-
    Maybe I'll at least get points for originality since this song hasn't ever been used before (and I was surprised of that. o.o) So this is the first time this song is being used here. Coolness. =D

    Well, this was an idea I had when I was listening to the llama song (you can find it here: and at the end where they said 'Now my time is getting thin' or something like that, there was an anime picture, so I though that there might be a possiblility to make an amv to it.
    I could be wrong. o.O
    Now, it's a really really funny song, but after hearing it over and over again to make this video, I was getting very annoyed with it. XD But I hope you enjoy it anyways. o.o

    I used the following animes for some reasons:

    Full metal alchemist: Because there were a lot of scenes with ed doing weird things. o.o And the whole 'Fuzzy llama funny llama' part, that was because one of the guys had a beard so I though 'fuzzy!' XD

    Ouran Highschool Host Club: Well, I love this anime, and it had a lot of funny parts I could use. Plus, my favorite characters are Hikaru and Kaoru, and their twincestous ways, so I had to add that. *^_^*

    Sukisyo: It's on a 'don't ask don't tell basis' o.o

    Princess Princess (Hime Hime): I just recently got into this anime, but it's so adorable. ^^ I had to use it. But you don't really care, do you? Didn't think so....

    Papa to Kiss in the Dark: Awww it's such a deliciously pervy anime, and I love shounen ai, so there. -.-

    But even though it has shounen ai in it, you can't really I don't think I have to put a warning on here for that. I will put one warning though:

    This video may cause you be dumber by the end of the amv. Please take caution and watch at your own risk. O_O

    Even though it is the stupidest amv I've ever made, it's the one I've had the most fun making. ^^ Most of my videos are too serious and dramatic, and I just wanted to do something weird for once. O.o

    Oh, Camillia and Yeiweh, if you're watching this, make sure you pay close attention to 00:46. ^^

    Most of the text in this video goes way to fast for you to read, and that was mostly the point. I suggest that if you really want to know what I was ranting about, watch the video all the way through first, then go back and pause everytime you see text. You'd be surprised at how much you might have missed....o.o

    I think I got this idea from watching Rina's 'Yuri Orgy' video. It was really random, and that was the kind of video I wanted to do. XD

    Anyways, on to lyrics and I think I'll be done. *^_^* (I was originally going to not put the lyrics, but since the song is so weird and hard to understand sometimes, I'll put them there just because I'm nice like that. XD And plus, I was going to enter this in this years AWA short attention span contest, but I realized that even with out the text at the beginning and ending, it was about 10 seconds too long so... ;_;)

    Here's a llama
    There's a llama
    and another little llama.
    Fuzzy llama
    Funny llama
    Llama llama DUCK.

    Llama llama
    cheesecake llama
    Tablet Brick potato llama
    llama llama mushroom llama
    Llama llama DUCK.

    I was once a treehouse, I lived in a cake
    But I never saw the way
    The orange slayed the rake.
    I was only three years Dead
    But it told a tale
    And now listen little child
    To the safetly rail.

    Did you ever see a llama
    Kiss a llama on a llama?
    Llama's llama
    Taste of llama
    Llama llama DUCK.

    Half a llama
    Twice a llama
    Not a llama
    Farmer llama
    Llama in a car alarm
    A llama llama DUCK.

    Is that how it's told now?
    Is it all so old?
    Is it made of lemon juice?
    Doorknob, ankle, cold?
    Now my story's getting thin
    I've ran out of luck.
    Time for me to retire now
    and become a DUCK! ^^

    Most random song in the world, I swear. It's Wurgano's fault I made this, it has made me insane. ^___^
    QC's for this vid:

    2006-07-31 14:32:50I haven't heard that song since the Lost version of it. I loved it. 5'd -Morph Man
    2006-07-31 14:13:48man, that was funny, but now my head hurts. @_@ (muahahaha what did I tell you? XD)
    2006-08-04 16:45:47lmao great work
    2006-08-04 11:11:11weird but funny
    2006-08-04 00:20:24ehhhhhhhh, wierd. cute, though. the audio was too soft
    2006-08-02 18:59:14大人気の北斗の拳 >.<
    2006-08-02 10:31:55HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY!!!!
    2006-07-31 16:33:40five stars because it's funny, the song is stuck in my head, and I'm in it. Double 5 stars -Yeiweh
    2006-08-15 16:07:30Bwahahaaa...hilarious song. ='D
    2006-08-15 14:15:16this song is making me crazy
    2006-08-11 22:37:27oww... my head hurts
    2006-08-10 09:47:30most fun i've had watching an AMV... LOL llama llama duck... :P
    2006-08-09 23:22:18The Pain...can't stop watching :P
    2006-08-08 09:45:17*bashes head against wall* Hello pretty birdies. Wait, you're not birdies, you're....LLAMAS!!!! NO!!!!! *cries and runs around screaming*
    2006-08-04 11:11:11weird but funny
    2006-09-04 17:28:06odd, yet satisfying
    2006-09-04 10:30:30Funny funny funny! LOL ZOMG!!!!!
    2006-09-04 10:08:02very catchy tune
    2006-09-04 08:42:49OMG BEST AMV EVER -evafan- your a freaking genious. LAUGH OUT LOUD!
    2006-09-04 03:04:32awesome sauce XD
    2006-08-28 01:29:48This video was hilarious. But how on earth did you figure out what the dude was saying in order to make it? Ha ha ha
    2006-09-06 07:37:37O.o
    2006-12-05 23:05:18funny
    2006-11-16 14:07:46Youre insane...i mean that in the best possible way...*snickers* i will never look at llamas the same again
    2006-11-13 04:27:10nice ^.^!! izumi loves the llamas!!
    2006-11-04 17:19:42the guys in white shirts are on their way... >_>
    2006-11-01 18:27:12A little short, but cute.
    2006-10-29 09:48:30this is pritty good... funny, just wish i understood the words to the song
    2006-10-28 01:45:25Hehehehe not bad. Nothing for "cold" though? Boohoo! Oh well, fun stuff, enjoyment!
    2006-10-27 10:44:10LOL
    2006-10-25 21:19:16W...T...F!!!!!
    2006-10-22 22:16:40haha, that was cute
    2006-10-21 01:15:34I would give it more stars for being funny, but it's just silly :P
    2006-10-15 15:55:14BRILLIANT!!! OMG THAT WAS AMAZING!!!
    2006-10-03 22:34:09...
    2006-10-01 16:02:25Short, hyperactive manic madness.
    2006-10-01 00:40:29silly and fun. Made me laugh
    2006-09-27 14:52:04Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama DUCK!!!!!
    2006-09-20 22:42:52decent... but it's hard to top the original.
    2006-09-14 00:41:18Originally cute and fun ! ~ Maru-sha
    2006-09-13 04:08:21Ugly llama
    2006-09-10 20:31:48LOL! That was funny ^_^ 5 stars! What program do you use to edit your vids? Reply back to me... -shuxyuki
    2006-09-06 22:10:23O.O; rofl! That rivals my cuppycake...which i did because it was too tempting too XD gotta love amvs made for the sole reason that they were just to tempting to not make....XD that was hilarious! -Bumblebee
    2007-02-18 16:42:15...Genius XD
    2007-02-15 19:16:03WTF? :D
    2007-02-09 12:56:50LMAO!!
    2007-02-03 12:07:56I"m giving it 5 because, I don't know what else to do...*still utterly confused*
    2007-01-29 10:56:35too much lip flap
    2007-01-28 16:16:32loved it!........that's the only way i can think to say it.........AWSOME!
    2007-01-17 15:42:32dancing Mira xDDDD it didn't make sense but was funny anyway ^_^
    2007-01-09 06:58:46the audio has a lot of static
    2007-01-02 04:21:59O_O Definitely WTF worthy...I like. XD
    2006-12-29 20:26:09WTF?! GOnna take a few more watching to get everything that went on in there.....*walks away in a daze* duck?
    2006-12-25 18:29:36Cracks me up! Nice job! n_________n
    2006-12-22 01:38:29=) 2006-12-17 13:38:44That was so much funnier than I expected...^_____^
    2006-12-14 19:18:21PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kikai, you are cwazy ^_^ -sKy-
    2006-12-11 13:17:00It brought a tear to my eye, but I can't tell if it was that great or that horrifying... 5 Oranges slaying the Rake! ~Neomalith
    2006-12-10 00:57:12GOLD!!! I WANNA BE A LLAMA!!! Oh wait... I'm cooking oil. I sizzle the llamas and make duck even fattier. Hmm... fat... *drools* I nominate this for VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!
    2006-12-07 23:34:02Odd but well done
    2006-12-07 21:46:11O.O? XD XD XD
    2006-12-07 20:16:51wtf was that....?
    2006-12-06 21:05:55I won't tell you that it was stupid, it was very entertaining. Probably a very easy video to make for you. Lots of fun scenes and funny text. I enjoyed it very much. Made me laugh. U-U
    2006-12-05 23:05:18funny
    2006-11-16 14:07:46Youre insane...i mean that in the best possible way...*snickers* i will never look at llamas the same again


    Now go watch! What have you got to lose except your sanity?? O.o


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