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  • Member: AquaSky
  • Studio: Aqua Sky Productions
  • Title: Must Be Emo
  • Premiered: 2006-07-30
  • Categories:
    • Comedy
    • Parody
  • Song:
    • Adam and Andrew Emo Kid
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Festival Orlando 7, AFO7 AMV Contest (2006-07-29)
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 12, AWA 12 EXPOSITION CONTEST (2006-09-22)
  • Comments: When it comes down to it, there are a lot of anime series that play up the "angsty character" stereotype. So, naturally, when I first heard this song, I knew that it would be great for editing purposes. I set out to find the very examples of emo, and boy did I ever find them. This video is a twisted comedy about angst in anime.

    The video itself came together well, as it turns out. I was a bit concerned about finding scenes that match the specific lyrics, but I figured that if I could manage to sync "squirrel-handed" (in Everyone is Different), I could find what I needed for this project as well. It wasn't always easy - some of the lines were nearly impossible - but everything worked out in the end. So, I'm proud to present to you the product of this labor. My little jab towards taking things too seriously, as it were.

    That said, I hope you'll enjoy this video. If not, I suppose I'll just have to go listen to Crawling in my Skin and make sad entries about it in my LiveJournal.

    Music -
    The song was obtained from Adam and Andrew's CD. Their music can be found on their MySpace page - . The music in the intro is "The Scissor Siblings" from the Clock Tower 3 soundtrack, and the outro music is "Soul Bossa Nova" from the Austin Powers soundtrack.

    Also, many thanks to my beta testers, including : Ileia, Prodigi, Fall_Child42, Koopiskeva, godix (and mrs. godix), LadyDX, Moon, and anyone else that may have slipped my mind.

    Awards won :
    "Best Comedy" at Anime Festival Orlando 2006
    "Best Emo Video" at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006

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