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  • Member: wurpess
  • Title: The Sexy Gods Must Be Human
  • Premiered: 2006-07-31
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    • -Rob Zombie- more human that human
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  • Comments: Before we begin, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETELY SERIOUS ACTION VID! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! TAKE THE STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS OR I WILL TAKE IT OUT FOR YOU AND BEAT YOU WITH IT!!! *ahem* Ok, now that that's out of my system. Like I said, yeah it's an action vid, but it's not really a completely serious one. This is more or less the digital pimp of the equally digital but oh so pretty Silver Haired Men of Advent Children. And what better way to pimp them? By showing them in action. WEHOO!!!! Anyway, so this was just supposed to be a quick easy vid. Not a lot of brainwork or effects, but should still be neat to watch anyway. (And not a lot of brainwork needed to watch :P ) But I was listening to music and thinking about how I didn't have any new vids up and how I should probably put up something. . .anything, just to give a better representation of my current equipment and potential. (So basically, I wanted a brand new blundering idiot with premiere vid as opposed to over year old silly noob WMM vid.) Then "More Human Than Human" came on. I started listening to the words and thought it would be a cool, quick, relatively painles, brainless action, shameless bishounen pimp vid with the Silver Haired Men. And I do believe I succeeded with most of that. Well, I guess I will shut up now and let you watch the vid now. Not an epic masterpiece, but hopefully enjoyable. Merry Christmas.

    On another note, As I was fixing the audio from when I forgot to compress, I decided to fix the vid quality too. Then I found out I had a bad encode on the AC DVD. So, this is going to be a bit pixely. Go ahead and dock me on it (along with the sucky audio), but I am aware. I'm going to re encode the video, rerip the audio, and redo the vid sometime in the future. So I'll leave you with this one for now, but a better one will be coming at some point.

    And as a parting gift, I give you the lyrics.

    Yeah I am the astro-
    Creep a demolition
    Style hell american
    Freak yeah - I am the
    Crawling dead - a
    Phantom in a box
    Shadow in your
    Head say acid
    Suicide freedom
    Of the blast read
    The fucker lies yeah -
    Scratch off the -
    Broken skin - tear
    Into my heart make
    Me do it again yeah

    More Human Than Human (6 times)

    Yeah I am the jigsaw
    Man I turn the
    World around
    With a skeleton hand say -
    I am electric head a cannibal galore a
    Television said
    Yeah do not victimize
    Read the mother
    Fucker-psychoholic lies yeah -
    Into a psychic war I
    Tear my soul
    Apart and I
    Eat it some more yeah

    More Human Than Human (6x)

    I am the ripper
    Man a locomotion
    Mind love american
    Style yeah I am
    The nexus one I
    Want more life
    Fucker I ain't
    Done - yeah

    More Human Than Human (8x)

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