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  • Member: Sivis
  • Title: Rage of Love
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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    • Scooter The Age of Love
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    Best Action (Judges' Choice) at Animecon IV

    Story behind this video: I wanted to do an action AMV (never really tried) and I wanted to learn to use Vegas a bit better for my upcoming idea (no 2 year idle period after this one, I promise! ;). Also I wanted to submit this video in Animecon IV AMV-contest, though this proved to be a mistake as the final deadline for videos was too soon. So, ~three-four coffee (my coffee keeps even the dead awake, there actually exists people who are afraid of my coffee :|) filled days later I 'finished' this video.

    I'm not completely satisfied with this vid, there were so much stuff I wanted to fix, tweak and add but sadly I ran out of time (though my inner perfectionist is never satisfied!) :|

    Anyway, ignore my inner perfectionist and have fun ;)

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