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  • Member: The Icey One
  • Title: Piccolo Tribute
  • Premiered: 2002-11-10
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    • Rob Zombie Never Gonna Stop
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  • Comments: My latest video all about the green guy in DBZ....err...not Cell..Piccolo.It features clips from Piccolo vs Freeza,Piccolo vs Imperfect Cell,Piccolo vs #17 along with Piccolo and Gokus race.Its the first video i really used transitions in not sure if i went overboard of not cause there is alot..might not notice it all though.Anyway i worked on this video for about a month so there is alot of work in it...or atleast i think...i tried to make all the battles look as if Piccolo had won even if he didnt...i hope thats noticeable to everyone..

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