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  • Member: The Icey One
  • Title: Ghosts Exist
  • Premiered: 2002-10-05
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  • Song:
    • Blink 182 Aliens Exist
  • Anime:
  • Comments: *Ok i decided to updated the info on this video since its my fav of my own so far.*

    -History Of How This Video Came Into The Making-
    I came up with this idea one day while watching some of my old Real Ghostbusters videos on vhs.Originaly all i knew is that i wanted to do a music video but i knew to make it any good id have to find a good song that could go along with it before going any further.I mostly had it set in mind that i wanted to use something from groups like Metallica or Rob/White Zombie but after listening to most of the songs i had i knew that wouldnt work out well.I had just about given up the idea altogether figuring no songs could really fit the show..cause its nothing like making the average video..not really any fighting or things like that.So as searching in the skins for winamp section i noticed on the winamp was Blink 182-Aliens Exist...for fun i downloaded it to see exactly what kind of music DannyPoo(Site Owner)listened to when not making music video.After listening to it i could imagine Real Ghostbusters to it..seemed just need alot of specifc episodes of the show to do it.The three episodes i really wanted were Citizen Ghost,When Halloween Was Forever and The Boogieman Cometh.After long downloads(Around 5hrs each)for each of those videos i downloaded a couple more episodes for my own joy of having them to watch..and use in the video...and thats about the end of the videos coming into making...onto the other stuff..

    -The Things I Timed-
    1.[Background Drumbeats During "Hey Mom Theres Something In The Backroom"]-Here as you can see the guys are pulling out there guns..some thought the timing was off but i was timing to them pulling out there guns not as the guns hit there hands.
    2.[During "Creature From Above"]-The tall Marshmellowman..
    3.When the guys fire there guys into the crowd of zombie like ghouls on the train.
    4.[During "Leave My Closet Door Open All Night"]-Heres the part i mainly download "The Boogieman Cometh" for.It was for the seen with the closet door open and glowing.The part with the guys talking that follows i could have improved on...but..i didnt know how so...i left it as it..
    5.When Egon fires his blaster at the Boogieman..
    6.[During "Im Not Like You Guys"]-This was Slimers point...i put him in here standing up to other ghosts.
    7.This was slightly off but as the guys fire it was timed to the music..
    8.Slimer opens the trap as the music picks up once again
    9.[During "I am still a sceptic yes you know me"]-Well...shes not a sceptic in the cartoon...but the scene makes it fit..
    10.[During "Been best friends and will be till we die"]-Lets overlook the fact that Slimers already dead..its slightly touching to see them hug isnt it?
    11.When the guys fire at there possed clothing selves..
    12.[During "Im not like you guys"]-Yep...another Slimer part..he fits best in these places..
    13.When the light hits Sam Hain ful force..
    14.[During "Dark And Scary"]-Little eyes in the dark..
    15.[During "Ordinary"]-I actually thought it said Unordinary...guess i have bad hearing..but it fits what i thought it was..
    16.[During "Explanation"]-Ghosts talking to each other...seems like theyve figured something out..
    17.[During "Nice to know ya"]-Back to the hug..Peter looks mad at Ray..
    18.[During "Paranoia"]-Somethings wrong with Slimer..
    19.Janine fires with the music picking up..
    20.Winstons beam hits the Sandman as the music changes..
    21.[During "Im not like you guys"]-The return of Slimer!
    22.With the little sound at the end Sandman sinks into the trap and the song ends..

    -Comments The Video Has Gotten-
    "Not everyone has a High speed connection, but Real Media servers cost a decent amount of money. So weather you have a 28, 56 or 40 something Kb/Sec modem or the ultimate high speed its worth the over night download wait for this baby. TheDarkGuardian Has created a music vid' that's been Way overdue for quite some time now. Partially following the foot steps of The Bronx Ghostbuster using nothin but RGB self contained with a new tune the result is nothing short of amazing. Blink 182's Aliens Exist was a perfect match for this short with the more popular spooks and demons The Real Ghostbusters encountered throughout the years from 1986. If anything, this was a complete Suprise Attack upon the community. I've never talked to the hero who created this masterpiece - But I soon will. It was a pleasure viewing this short. I, We all hope for more in the future!"-The Ectoplasmic Archive "October News" Adress:

    "I'm amazed. This is the best GB montage fan video I've seen (and I've seen them all).I especially like the way you handled the dynamics in the song and connected them with the firing of proton streams, etc.Keep up the good work, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of it in the future."-Chad of

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