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  • Member: Ayanefan
  • Studio: Anna-Maeve Studios
  • Title: Contagious -OR- My new home at the funny farm
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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    • Charles Bernstein A Nightmare on Elm Street theme
    • John Zorn with Mike Patton Bullseye
    • Kenny G & Mariah Carey Every Time I Close My Eyes
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  • Comments: -Note from the editor-

    I really hate the way it crashes, how it slows down my PC to a crawl, how I need to add 1gig of ram so I can use a 800mb AVI clip. I do, however, like something else about it, after you get past the initial confusion on how to use it, it's a very powerful package. Thank you Adobe.... and no thanks.

    -end of note-
    Update Feb 19, 2007
    Now, before the entire reference is lost in time, this video was inspired by activities in the Journals that date as faaaaaar back as, well, as far back as when I joined The entire piece is a knee jerk reaction to members of the community that were pretty upset that the journal entry page was being overtaken by members, like myself, who love to socialize and respond to things. The only problem, according to some, was that the journals were being used as a chatroom.

    Well, fast forward to February, March and so when some members got so fed up that they accentuated their attacks by adding some very, ahem, un-friendly things in the journals that were directed at members themselves. Lets just say I wouldn't talk to a nun that way.
    So after a while, 1 member in particular became very, very, very bitter and posted very, very, very bad things which the journal junkies would just cringe at but then always responded in kind. Well, it got so bad, that I decided to make a video of it.

    I think today it is safe to say that if you've ever heard of the member getaidsanddie, well, you pretty much know who contracttyphoidandcroak is in this video.


    -April ?? 2006.

    This vid was done because I couldn't finish my 2nd video; my PC and Premiere couldn't handle the size. I thought I'd make something so short that Premiere would have no choice but to render and create it. So, I did a 1 minute video, showed it to Dax and she was speechless (a polite way to say Ewwwww! I think) Anyway, I digress... now, with that done I thought I'd have a little fun to save the project, I installed Premiere Pro 1.0 on my laptop and decided to create an Intro and Outro to this video... well, my beta testers loved them. It's really an internal joke for the Journal Junkies and the Forum users, you'll see.
    Thank you Dax and Jubby for checking out the vid, and Rina, where were you when I needed to show you this? Thank you Scintilla for the tips on voiceovers.

    Oh, and I apologize right now to all the people that I may offend, except for the Jimmy character.
    Anyway, I digest...

    Premiere Pro 1.5
    Premiere Pro 1.0
    Adobe Audition 2.0
    Adobe Photoshop 8.0
    Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox 1.5.1

    20$ headset with microphone
    Crappy AMD 1800 PC
    Beauty Dell Laptop 1.5 Celeron M that works faster than my PC! O.O
    External 250gig hard drive (cause I just waaaanted it)

    ***Things that just would not go away***

    Well, I tried but I kept getting these. There 2 rogue frames that I found and 1 mouse pointer frame. Grrrr... I blame the FAKE AVI process for that and PREMIERE! Now, here's what I learned with this after the fact.

    1. When changing scenes, overlap the old scene with the new by 2 frames so that when the 1st sequence gets to the end, it doesn't try and muk things up. (not a transition but move the 2nd scene over to overlap the 1st).

    2. Getting consistancy in audio is difficult. Notch filter 60hz for buzzing sounds and then get the level right in Premiere.

    Errors found after the fact:
    "contractTYPHOID" was showing as "getTYPHOID" on the detailed view of Typhoid's journal (gaaaaaah!)

    Please enjoy!


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