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  • Member: angelx03
  • Title: Iron Chef Idol 3 TV Time - MAAAYA!!!
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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  • Song:
    • Streicher Die Biene Maja
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  • Comments: .....oh god why?!!! >_<

    This abomination of a video is part of THEEND where we of the selected chosen have to sing a TV theme song. And then within our own possie get chosen one of those random sung song, and we edit an AMV to that Iron Chef style.

    I had a bad feeling about the song I got from Streicher, but I didn't expect THIS. His song was a rendition of an old German children's show Die Miene Maja which is translated "Maya the Bee". Supposedly since there was no "kareoke" version of that theme song, he placed a new spin towards it. I guess I could consider it a blessing since it allowed me to have some creative freedom with this. And since the song is in German, I decided to completely ignore the lyrical meaning and aim on certain key points of the song as you'll see soon.

    Thank you, Kitsuner for this.....thing you got me involved! lol

    If you're curious of what song I sang, go check out lilgumba's segment. That is the one segment I am VERY interested in. Trust me on that!

    Time Spent: 2 hours (it was Iron Chef style)
    Software and Programs Used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2.1

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