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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Full Metal Outlaws
  • Title: Typical Days (Iron Chief Tripe Threat Match)
  • Premiered: 2006-07-17
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    • Cog My Enemy
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  • Comments: This was another Iron Chief AMV Challenge between me and Bluey11 and Killerwog corp. I'm starting to like the idea of editing in Iron Chief Challenges. Its a lot of fun and makes you think on your feet. This time I decided to use Outlaw Star. Not only that I knew the anime well, but I felt it suited Gene's personality. I also like this idea so it may become a complete video in the future if I want to come back to it and I have no other fresh ideas.

    Well I want to thank the judges of the challenge again and here are the results.

    Killerwogcorp - 2
    Bluey11 - 1
    Gene Starwind 21122 (Me) - 0

    Oh well can't win them all. I knew I was in trouble from the start. Eventhough this video was easier to edit I still lack the skills of using effects in a short time frame. Nor am I an effect editor so that doesn't help matters any. So I guess I'll work on using more effects in my videos, but tastefully not just thrown in there.

    Congrats to Killerwogcorp on his victory.

    Gene Starwind 21122

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