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  • Member: Raggedstar
  • Studio: Lycos Fang Studios
  • Title: Ginga Densetsu Weed - Downfall Of Ohu
  • Premiered: 2006-07-18
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    • Trust Company Downfall
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  • Comments: Now here's an anime you don't see everyday on Breaking free from Wolf's Rain for a while so I can find better video sources (as you've seen from my others, a lot of them are all pixelly and...ya) and trying out a different anime. This one is called Ginga Densetsu Weed, a new anime that premiered last year in Japan.

    Due to the rarity of the anime on, I reccomend that you read up a bit on it. Wikipedia has an article as well as links on Ginga stuff

    Ok, time for me discussing the AMV...part...ya. I love this song, and I had a lot of fun listening it for almost a straight day (*kicks feet up in chair and listens to it again*). The anime really keeps up with the beat, so I had a lot of ideas on how to put it together. To tell you the truth, this was only meant to be a practice, but I got so wrapped up into it that it turned into the real deal. Not my best AMV, but deserves some brownie points. However, there is a few things I need to say before you can view it:

    -While we're on the subject of subs, yes, I know there are subtitles on some of the clips. I hated myself in that aspect, but the raw footage is not ready yet and for some reason, some of the raws aren't working for me right now. I tried to avoid the subs, but they're still there. However, I do have a lot of scenes from the raw version. There are some credits and stuff in them since I took some scenes from the opening sequence. It only happens once or twice, plus the small "to be continued" and "next episode" signs on some of the clips.

    -As some people might not know, I have a never-ending war with WMM. This is no exception. You might notice at the times [1:44], [2:07], and [2:16] you'll notice clips that were supposably "not shaved right". That is NOT the case at all. At [1:44], you see Sanda (I think. Sanda and Lector are hard to tell apart from this angle 0.0) attacking Weed. When you freeze it a bit before, you see Kyoshiro jumping. It's impossible that I didn't shave it right because Kyoshiro does that earlier in the episode when Weed is knocked out by the rock. It surely doesn't happen after John clamps down at a dog's head/neck. At [2:07], before Ken and the others hold down Kaibutsu for Jerome to break through his chest, you see a scene of Jerome already there about to jump. How could this happen? It didn't even happen yet in the series. At [2:16], after Jerome is thrown off the cliff, there is a picture of Kaibutsu and the others still hanging onto him. I did not do that, as that happened earlier in the episode. GAH! And while we're on the subject, I didn't do a mistake at [2:17] either. To show the desperation and the ticked expression of Kagetora, they (very quickly) zoomed into his eyes and zoomed out. There is no other clip in there.
    EDIT: Doesn't look like there are anymore errors like that. Not what I can see anyways.

    -Quite a bit of violence and blood as well as the odd curse in the few subtitles I used.

    Now I get to shut up since this is dragging on too long. My website has more information.

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