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  • Member: The Icey One
  • Title: Insaiyane
  • Premiered: 2002-09-01
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  • Song:
    • slipknot Spit it Out
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  • Comments: -Stuff The Creator Wanted To Say-
    This was the first video i ever sucessfully got onto the internet.It made it to the last round of a AMV contest on losing by a few votes.This is probly still one of my favorite videos ive made and i cant wait to redo it with higher quality clips when the DVD comes out here for me to buy.Also on a sidenote id like to let you know that the site at the end of the video is crappily done and is no longer my site anymore..

    -About The Video-
    This video came into my head after watching movie 8..didnt know what song i would use but i knew i wanted to do a video.Then i noticed someone mention a song by Slipknot they thought would make a good video..of course i checked it out and thought it was perfect for Brolli the insane saiyan who pounded the hell out of earths special forces.He does just that throughout the video making it slightly enjoyable for those who dont like Goku,Gohan,Trunks,Piccolo or Vegeta.Theres alittle bit of lyrical timing but not much since i knew most people couldnt understand some things being alot of it is musical timing..but this is my first video to put online so expect some things to be atleast slightly bad.

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