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  • Member: Varda_Morrigan
  • Studio: The Last Of ...
  • Title: Never be the same
  • Premiered: 2006-07-02
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    • Mel C Never be the same again
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  • Comments: I'd like that my next AMV will be better. Please if you get me only 1 or 2 stars, leave though quick comments.

    This idea has harassed me for six moth. I was starting doing it couple times. But always something bother me.
    First I didn't have a material.
    After I didn't have time, because my sister had mature exam, so I must care my brother alone.
    Then I didn't have time again because I must study - it was finally school's year.
    Next I decided conquer new version Adobe, so I thought - "Soon I will have a new version Adobe, so I shouldn't starting doing a new AMV, because when I will have a new version Adobe I can do better AMV." Unfortunately I must wait for new version longer then I thought.
    So I started doing it in 10 July.
    But my computer was starting to rage, so I must format it - my work went to the hell.
    After my vacation was starting. A sweet time - VACATION.
    But in vacation I like do nothing.
    I was proceeding my work just 28 june.
    But I had idea, I knew which scenes I must use, so I did it quicly.

    This AMV is about Daisuke Niwa and Riku Harda, about their feeling, more her feelings.
    Leitmotiv are world - "I thought that we would just be friends Things will never be the same again"

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