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  • Member: eternalchibichibi
  • Title: Soldier Erased
  • Premiered: 2002-11-11
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    • Muse Citizen Erased
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  • Comments: This is the story of Haruka and Michiru and probably the most serious type music video I have ever made. I used Citizen Erased by Muse because as front man Matt Bellamy said "This song is about being asked a question, and how everything affects the awnser and makes you change you oppinnion".

    Haruka and Michiru are constantly asked why they are stealing prue hearts and why they wont work with the other soldiers, and I suppose this videos shows it: Haruka running from her destiny, Michiru and Haruka refusing to work with the others, and a couple of death sceens ^^

    Its blooming long, I should have edited the song down but I couldn't be bothered. This is the first music video I made using my Capture Card and stuff. I was also very depressed at the time and some people think it reflects in the video.

    I used a line from the dub (please don't kill me) spoken by Amara in the episode where she narates her past: "My greatest wish was to fly beyound the sky, to let the wind to carry me away to a new world, new adventures, new exprances, new destiny!" (Its about halfway through the video)

    I finally put the mpeg up - yeay ^_^

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