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  • Member: SarahtheBoring
  • Title: Back to Light
  • Premiered: 2006-07-10
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    • System SF feat. Anna Look To The Sky (True Color Mix)
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    I still can't believe that no one has done this before; I'll just say that I haven't seen it yet and can't find it on the org. But I'm sure that it's out there. Somewhere. Of course, one of the beta viewers informed me that I got the song all wrong, so maybe that's the reason. (I always thought it was sad. Oh well.)

    It's a sappy interlude between larger editing projects, and a kind of bookend to a previous video of mine, "Papaduwa Papapalapa," which was also made from a DDR song and a short series that I picked up cheaply. But this one is more serious than that one. Obviously.

    I originally meant to make this a "real" AMV, with as much effects as could be ladled into every frame, but that was tiring and didn't look right. I can't edit. So I just made it very, very simple. The title came around from that, since the process reminded me of trying a song on Standard and then going back to Light mode in DDR. More literally speaking, there's the light of hope, blah blah blah. ;)

    "Digital effects" are negligible; they really should update that rule to reflect the times, IMO. But there are a couple of overlays and some lipflap control.

    Select Mode!
    Also, I would like to invite anyone out there to make a better version of this song/anime match. And tell me about it. I'll link to it here. Mine is only the three-footer. Just for fun. Kinda like an open-ended MEP without any organization.

    Anyway, this video: Overall it's very simple. But I hope it's entertaining for a minute forty. Thanks.

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