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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: N. G. Silver & Friends Productions
  • Title: Dance 2.0
  • Premiered: 2006-04-14
  • Categories:
    • Comedy
    • Dance
    • Fun
  • Song:
    • Haddaway What Is Love?
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • ConnectiCon AMV Contest, ConnectiCon AMV Contest (2006-07-07)
    • ConnectiCon AMV Contest, ConnectiCon AMV Contest (2006-07-07)
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 12, AWA 12 PRO CONTEST (2006-09-23)
    • REACTOR, The Reactor’s Visual Overload Music Video (2006-10-21)
    • Youmacon 2006, Youmacon 2k6 AMV Contest (2006-11-04)
    • Anime USA, amv contest (2006-11-18)
    • Anime USA, amv contest (2006-11-18)
  • Comments: Well, after sending the video I like to call my child with 4chan (Dance!!!) to many cons and seeing the reaction people had to it, I finally decided at Ohayocon 06 to retire it and start work on Dance 2.0.

    However there were complications. First off, my computer met with a nasty virus that basically scrambled the FAT table on my Hard Disks and I lost almost everything I had, including a whole years worth of dance gifs from 4chan that were not in Dance!!!... however I never gave up and finally had enough new footage (including actual video footage) to make a video.

    I chose the song, because I liked that song, and because it was along the same lines as Dance!!!, 90s dance music. So What is Love? Became my new song of hatred for 3 weeks as I spliced and diced and made animated gifs do things no one would want them to do. It was finally finished, I made a low res version and put it on my webserver to show my friends.

    That was of course when the 2nd complication happened, my main hard drive, the one that had all my working AMV files and such, recieved the click of death, died, and took all my stuff with it. Including the High Res version of the video.

    So here I am, stuck with a low res version of a video that would be the sequel to 4chan's love child, and three cons I wanted to submit it to, who all reqired higher quality versions...

    In the end, I never got the time to remake it.

    I am in the process of remaking Dance 2.0, however, it will be quite a bit different then the version you might have seen at Matsuricon, ACEN, Colossalcon, Conneticon, and Ikasucon. Hence it will be called Dance 2.5. I will not upload Dance 2.0 to the .org, however, you can find it as soon as I'm ready to post it, on my AMV Distro site.

    This entry is here to serve as a tale of a video I made, then had to remake, and to add to contest lists, as it has been entered in a few choice contests.

    Look for Dance 2.5 and Dance 3.0 comming soon ^^

    Current Contests:
    Conneticon 2k6
    Ikasucon 2k6

    Current Awards:
    Ikasucon 2k6: Best Comedy
    Ikasucon 2k6: Fan Favorite

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