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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anime Corp
  • Title: Two Holy Swords
  • Premiered: 2002-12-01
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    • X TV - OST Two Kamuis, Two Holy Swords
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    Alright, hard to get up a new video by me, stressed me enough.

    The original inspiration for this video (in September): I'm a fan of X TV and since it has such a great animation I was looking for a song to it. I searched and searched, heard also the X TV OST until the Song "Two Kamuis, Two Holy Swords". The song has something of a fast, action filled background music. What I thought of was RoLW in this moment. The Music seemed classical, epic and serious and it was completely Instrumental, I thought it matches Loddos very well. So I got some rips of the OVA series (Hey, I cannot affort DVDs always, I've got no wages!) and started making this Video. Also Melfina started the contest in this days and I was planning to enter it.

    Editing was *pain*
    The song is very fast and I could synch VERRRY much. Too much. I had to ignore some beats that there's no Information Overflow, but still it's fast like hell in the ending. Althrough the Song is almost 5 Minutes long! Another problem during editing was RoLW itself: It's one of the, if not the singulariest anime out there! Every scene, every little scene is something for itself. You can't really compare some fights or else to each other, they have all their way and are neither compareable to each other. The problem in editing was through that the scenes are very hard to get in the video and are very hard to synch and to make them flow with the other scenes.
    Also RoLW has this nice rising effect. The first episodes are not really good, then it gets better and better until it is awesome like nothing else and it stays like this. This helped the video: I went through the storyline and the animations, the flows, and the flair gets better and it has far more tension. The only problem is... YOU NEED TO HAVE GOOD EYES :) the ending has still Information Overflow, but I liked the video that way the most ;)

    Story, that would be the next point:
    I tried to tell a story in this video which I would like to explain
    First of all Deedlit makes this lightning ball which shows some drawings on the roof. They begin to tell the story: In the first minute I presented all the characters and began with the party going through an old building. Something is not right with the statues. Suddenly slain checks something and the statues transform into flying beasts. The Party is fithting them and Slain finally finishes them off. But that wasn't all what's not been right. There's a dragon in the building who suddenly spits fire on Parn. The Party is fighting the Dragon and finally parn finishes him. Because of the fight the building is going to crush and parn runs out of it. But then he's suddenly seeing that the whole village is burning and full of beasts. Quickly the Party is seeing whose fault this was, and how reckless they are to kill. Parn is leaving the village to new adventures.
    Jump. Then I showed that Karla is kidnapping the Princess to take the Land under control and then I'm showing Vangard how he's disstatisfied with Karlas Ideas. The Party's fighting Karla but they have no chance. Next Ashram is killing again and this time two big armys collide. The Pary fights in this and Parn suddenly sees Ashram in this crowd. He fights him a while with Deedlit, but then he has checked that the Persons with the Two Holy Swords are fighting each other. One of them gets killed and the other one is killed suddenly by Karla which really shocks Ashram. Karla has gone too far. Parn and the Party are fighting her again and again with no chance. Then Gim is remaining Karla of old times (showed in the beginning) and can bring her back to normal with destroying the thing on her forehead.
    That was enough for Ashram. He is training and fighting Parn, while Deedlit fights Pirotess. But then a Dragon appears and their fight gets interrupted again. Vangard had other plans: He's kidnapping Deedo to wake the destruction. Parn is going to rescue her, while Ashram is trying to stop Vangards plans. Both Parn and Ashram had to fight one big enemy and are trying together with their Holy Swords. Finally Ashram could kill Vangard and dies himself of the wounds which Vangard did.
    For Parn there's still one thing to do. He takes the two holy swords and rescues Deedlit with the power of these.
    Then the Lightning of the beginning shrinks and the Story is over.
    I hope you like this, it was a lot of effort ^^
    ----SPOILER END----

    Now to the Technical details: Effects helped much in this Video, althrough the end was hard to do and didn't came out right (where parn is holding the wounded Deedlit)
    Compressing the fades in the beginning right wasn't easy, but for the rest of the compression the only things I can say is:
    Sorry, but Quality seemes a bit low compared to this "new XVID standard" here, but my source wasn't a DVD itself. I've said: I cannot buy DVDs with my pocket-money! Driving License is more important, and the Video is here, anyway!!

    Now for the Data: 384 x 288, 29,97 fps (rips were'nt IVTCed), 1500 kbps, playable with DivX4 installed and 192 kbps Audio (sounds damn good)

    Programs used:
    Virtual Dub
    Adobe Premiere 6
    Paint Shop Pro 5.02
    Windows Calculator

    hope you enjoy

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