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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: If Sailor Moon had a day off...
  • Premiered: 2006-07-04
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    • Sailor Moon Soundtrack Sailor Moon Theme Song (English)
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  • Comments: Okay, this is an apology, if you've stumbled upon this. I beg forgivness of anyone who watches this. I was just....bored.....and I had an urge to do this kinda thing REAL bad. Besides, all my videos up until this point were 'drama/serious/romance' videos, and I want a little comic relief for myself. ^____^ Aaaaand I wanted to try out the new Sony vegas 6.0 software I just got. *kills windows movie maker once and for all* So I don't have to deal with movie maker ANYMORE! XD AHAHA. WHEEE Okay, and I won't put the lyrics up for this one, because deep down inside, even if you won't admit it, you alllllll know the words. ^.^
    Again, I was just bored. Don't take me seriously. If Sora really was Sailor Moon...well....the world might actually be a happier place with out all the screaming girls and whatnot....

    Sailor Moon-Sora
    Sailor Venus-Riku
    Sailor Mercury-Ansem
    Sailor Mars-Axel
    Sailor Jupiter-Mickey! XD

    Okay, I swear my Kingdom Hearts phase is almost over! I swear! XD I just love making videos to this one. *sigh* Don't yell at me too much, okay?

    Program used:
    Sony Veags 6.0 o.O ooooooooo XD

    QC's for this vid:
    2006-07-04 23:11:13 no, I will not admit to knowing any of those lyrics!

    2006-07-04 18:47:23 AIM!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH! I've had nightmares about this song... seriously O.o but cute vid O.o wooooo transitions

    2006-07-15 12:53:17seriously...................I thought it was brilliant! ^_^

    2006-07-15 11:53:21Very original video...and nice of effects. [4] Mxfire

    2006-07-14 15:41:40Never be bored ever again. That was your one and only warning. U-U

    2006-07-13 19:03:18Axel and Ansem as Sailor Scouts?! Another fantastic video. Kudos!

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