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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Title: Eva-Man 2.0
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Spider-Man Trailer Audio 3
    • Spider-Man Tv spot "Amazing"
    • Spider-Man Tv spot "Epic"
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  • Comments: This version of Eva-Man is mainly for people who enjoyed the first version. This version doesn't have a backstory of Spider-Man but its faster paced so that why I wanted to do it.

    Originally, I wanted to redo the first one but when the DVD didn't have the trailer I used but instead had the bad one. I was kinda pissed off but it had 2 tv spots I liked and the trailer on there had a good intro so I decided to mix those 3 together. The mixing idea comes from the trailer "Akria Report" which I thought was pretty interesting.

    So far people have complained about me using the same footage as the original. Please don't that out because in real tv spots they do that all the time. I did mostly all the text effects but I didn't do the last one. Tommy Rude did that last effect in AE so very special thanks to him. ^^

    So download it, enjoy it and feedback would be nice......

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