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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: Gomenasai
  • Premiered: 2006-07-02
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    • TATU Gomenasai
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    Okay, now that I got that out of my we go.
    This is another Kingdom Hearts video I did after hearing the song "Gomenasai" by t.A.t.U. Gomenasai, of course as all you Otakus out there know, means "I'm sorry." in Japanese.
    Now something bugs me here.
    What is it you may ask?
    Isn't t.A.t.U a Russian couple of girls? Why...are they singing a song with Japanese in it? Oh who cares, really? Because that just goes with the whole 'anime' thing. And, it's a pretty song, so I'll ignore it. *sigh*

    Kingdom Hearts II bugged me for several reasons in the fact that the opening credits and the ending credits (the footage I used) were DIFFERENT PIXEL SIZES DAMMIT. *grr* And that made the frames uneven, at some points, but you can ignore that, for my sake, right? *cries* *kills movie maker for all it's worth*

    Anyways, at the beginning of the video where it's counting down from 13 to 2 (no, it does NOT reach one. XD) There were video scenes inbetween, so I took those out and just made it go directly from 13 to 2, adding some other clips from other Deep Dive in there too. ^___^ It came out pretty good, so I'm okay with it.

    But WHEEEEEEE I got Sony Vegas 6.0 now. XD

    Okay, on to the lyrics then....
    What I thought wasn't mine
    In the light
    Was one of a kind,
    A precious pearl
    When I wanted to cry
    I couldn't cause I
    Wasn't allowed

    Gomenasai for everything
    Gomenasai, I know I let you down
    Gomenasai till the end
    I never needed a friend
    Like I do now
    What I thought wasn't all
    So innocent
    Was a delicate doll
    Of porcelain

    When I wanted to call you
    And ask you for help
    I stopped myself
    Gomenasai for everything
    Gomenasai, I know I let you down
    Gomenasai till the end
    I never needed a friend
    Like I do now

    What I thought was a dream
    A mirage
    Was as real as it seemed
    A privilege
    When I wanted to tell you
    I made a mistake
    I walked away
    Gomenasai, for everything
    Gomenasai, Gomenasai,
    I never needed a friend,
    Like I do now
    Gomenasai, I let you down
    Gomenasai, Gomenasai, Gomenasai,
    Gomenasai till the end
    I never needed a friend
    Like I do now

    *deep breath* Okaaaaaay....I tried my best with movie maker on this one, I really did, and I don't think it looked half bad, truthfully. (of could still very well suck....>_< ARGH I need to stop saying that...) I used a lot of fades and darkening outs as well as ins.....Okay, well, enjoy! ^________________________^
    I'll give you a cookie! Do you want a cookie? XD

    QCs for this vid:
    2006-07-03 20:01:52 XD PIE!!! lol

    2006-07-02 23:42:09 really nice video, I love Kingdom Hearts. 5 stars

    2006-07-02 23:35:28 pretty :P

    2006-07-02 23:22:44 YAY YOUR VIDEO QUALITY IS OUTSTANDING! Nice improvements.

    2006-07-14 15:47:38Nice video. But I loathe Spice Girls. U-U (actually the song isn't spice girls, but I love U-U anyways =D)

    2006-07-13 18:59:20In the first five second I almost stopped watching but I decided not too. I absolutly love the song. It looks like you put a ton of work into also. - AlchemistFaerie05

    2006-12-20 20:45:00That was beautiful Kikai. ....Do I get my cookie now? 5'd

    2006-12-13 16:56:10i really like this song

    2006-12-13 03:02:44It was great.

    2006-12-11 13:17:00Sugoi~ 2006-12-09 18:37:52Beautiful.

    2006-12-07 22:54:40^.~

    2006-11-09 01:36:12Nice very Nice

    2006-09-29 07:59:37I love the accompanying T.a.T.u music!

    2006-09-27 16:52:53pretty good! got to love the CGI of kingdom hearts

    2006-08-31 20:06:19Again with those beautifull Graohics! *envy...and not in a good way either*, J/K :P

    2006-08-07 01:06:33verry pretty and lovely

    2006-08-05 16:55:38KICKED TOTAL ASS!!!LUV DA SONG AND KH2

    2006-08-03 02:37:39Sorry this took so long, but very cool vid!!! You did an awesome job later. I'll probably op it later, but I at least wanted to watch it. Great stuff!!! *^_^*-Camillia

    2006-07-31 01:39:34Loved the video, used less used clips 2006-07-22 22:40:53Congrats!! ~,*! you're my new favorite!!

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