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  • Title: Lee's waiting to be accepted
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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    • Sum 41 Still Waiting
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    DRUNK LEE!!!!!!

    now onto the main focus, this amv was done with the program vegas 5.0 this amv is something that i really cant even fathom how i had the time for it with work and my midterm witch is what i should be studying for right now, anyway this amv is about Rock lee and his relationship with his mentor and teacher Gai, also this is lee and his being the kid that everyone thought he was a loser and a dropout.

    I tried to portray his willingness to not back down and putting everything he had into becoming a great ninja, at the begining i wanted to show how hes always doubted and then trasition into him being as i call it the man after having gai sensei and completly owning the number 1 rookie and uchiha user sasuke, i never liked the sasuke char and frankly hes overpowered, the only good quality is his sharingan, onto his relationship with gai sensei to hes being doubted in school for not being able to learn ninjutsu to his fight with the sound, i wanted to show that he will not give up no matter what and that even if he lost he would fight,

    Onto the gaara fight, ok here is where i wanted to express that even if the person was insanely strong and nearly everyone was afraid of gaara , lee wasnt and was the first one to jump in and take the challenge, this fight is long, and as it shoudl be, i mean it was like 3 fregin eps, anyway i really wanted to show gais emotion for lee when he was about to die by gaara and imsatisfied how it came out, the fight thier after i have lee being emotional and is probalby my most dramatic at this point because he either had to die or give up being a ninja, and i think that hasnt been expressed very well in lee amvs, and im glad i got to portray it with this song

    with gais words lee was back, and i moved it to him fight kimimaru my fav fight, drunk lee parts are in it but not any u wil notice unless ur just a naruto fanboy head of lee like i am and relaize when drunk lee is fighting and when the regular one is, the ending is just something i had to tie in at the end and im glad it came out the way it did

    i would like to thank shinodude for all the help, wiuth the program and helping me compress and all other aspects, he really is a huge reason why this was possible and im nhappy to give him his thanks in this paragraphenjoy and as always a opinion is greatly aprreciated but njot required

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