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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: Luminous
  • Premiered: 2002-11-07
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    • Trust Company Downfall
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    Fieticiera calls this video...." an nice peice of editing worksmanship"

    PrecisionGarand's (a non-member) view:

    The first thing that stands out in this Anime Music Video is the excellent transitions evident early on within in the video. Also, the music seems to immidiately set the mood for the seemingly slightly more "mature" nature of this anime and is later evident not only in the songs lyrics, but in the various clips placed within the video. The extreme effort taken in making sure not only that the timing of sequences, but how they match up either metaphorically or straightly word for word also stood out very promimently after viewing this video in it's entirety. I felt that a lot of time went into not only the correct timing of these sequences, but how they all entwine and weave a mini-version of the story of this anime. By the time I got half-way through the video, it seems that there was an established pattern of the sequenced clips, in which "story advancing" sequences play out during the mostly vocal portions of the song and usually matching the words for it's meanings in some form or another. Whenever the song hit the chorus, the action heated up and appropiately speed up to match it's pace. All in all, I thourghly enjoyed not only watching this Anime Music Video, but listening to the song that is definately a big factor in enticing you to watch further. A very dramatical video in my opinion, and well worth it's effort.

    more to come......hopefully ^_-

    NPC3000 says....."Luminous" will explode on your screen! It is a riveting, raging powerhouse of an AMV packed with action, horror, intensity, and lots of bright white lights! Music videos don't get much more climactic and exciting than this!"


    Watching this anime was very exciting and heart touching. The drawing is amzing and i fully give credit to the creatos of this anime for their incredible work. Excellent.

    Time for a video to make a difference :D
    This is my one of a kinf action/technical video made from the fabulous anime X. I put a lot of effort into this video and becuase i have set such high standards for myslef by making my full metal panic video, technicalities on other videos are in no comparison. And becuase of this, my patience and will in making a good video have increased.

    This video has been underground somewhat for a while....i wanted to test it on others and thankfully they located errors that were fixed and the final copy was finsihed and encoded on Tuesday, October 08, 2002, 7:05:48 PM. So as you can see i have kept it off the because even my most technical video...Power of the lambda drive was not hosted and i wanted people to see it very much. I decided to release this video now because a great friend of mine, feit, decided to host it :D thanks dude!!!

    Ok i used fansubs but dont be down in the dumps becuase the quality is very very decent. At smome parts the quality can show pixels because of the very odd way i had to encode the first episode to use it in my video. It was compressed wierd so i could not load it into anything! premiere, vd, nandub, tmpgenc, you name it. The only thin it would was window movie maker....of all the things!!!!! so i exported as high quality as i could but the quality dropped slightly so i tried to only use the best parts. The rest comes spread out from the ohter 20 something episodes. So yes it should contain SPOILERS.

    The song used is downfall by trustcompany and i chose it because, like an other video, i thought it fit the anime and my idea for the amv very well. I think i was right. I combined a few new tricks and some technicalities of my full metal panic video into this video which came out pretty cool. This is my 11th video, and i like the state in which i am progressing.

    I look foward to entering this in contests to come with my 3 other latest videos which exceed in effort in all my previous ones. I hope you enjoy this video :D if you have any questions or concerns...IM me on the AIM at RightSideDriveSI

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