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  • Member: Raggedstar
  • Studio: Lycos Fang Studios
  • Title: We Wanted All
  • Premiered: 2006-06-28
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 All To Blame
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  • Comments: I...hate...Windows Movie Maker -.- *strokes gun*. While we're on the subject, let's all hate my ripper for making things pixelly (although it could've been worse, I can admit).

    Ahem, anyways, this is an AMV to "We're All To Blame" by Sum 41. Took me about a day to do this, as WMM kept on spazzing every 5 minutes (erg, I need a new program).

    It goes over the dramatic deaths, tragedies, and enemies of the wolves. Hard to really explain, but once you see it you'll understand. For those that have seen my previous AMV here on, it's totally different. In between them, I did two others (to Balto and All Dogs Go To Heaven) and it really gave me the practice I needed to get better. Here, I try some special effects, timing is much better, shaved off unwanted footage (although WMM is being stupid and was being difficult. You'll see a few bugs, but much better than before), and whoot, no subtitles!

    This AMV is dedicated to my friends, Leto and Sunchaser, who are fans to Wolf's Rain too. They gave me support, comments, and pointers to help improve.

    I re-uploaded it with better quality clips.

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