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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: lass mich
  • Premiered: 2006-09-15
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    • In Extremo Die Gier
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  • Comments: SH107 is now available, Connichi having completed (though without event). The original description is below, or you could scroll down past it and pick up the video.

    This is a romance video done in German. This is a romance video devoted to eros, not agape, which is built around a ten-year-old girl. For these and other factors it may well get shelled into oblivion, but I do actually believe that this video had to be made, and it might as well be made by someone who had no prurient interest in the main character (too many people make romance vids about couples they would like to be part of, and here it's just even really think about such).

    The reason it had to get made is that Spirited Away is a romance novel for preteen girls, and the eros in it is never very far from the surface. When you scrape off the adventure story and the trappings of fantasy, and cut out all the train shots that reminded me of Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein (probably one of the harder parts of the process), what you have left is a love story, and one that is filled with a constant physical tension. If you have difficulty thinking of people in this age bracket having the emotional capacity and desire for physical eros, try to remember back to when you were in elementary school, and if not how you felt and thought about the world, how your more popular classmates did. (See Kyo no 5 no 2 for more illustration.) This video brings it out with a song that packs probably the optimal lyrical setup for the available footage, and also happens to be in a language that has hard-hitting words for emotions.

    Sehnsucht, Gier, Leidenschaft; yearning, desire, passion. English ties on one and loses on two; our words still technically mean the same, but the sorrowing sense of "passion" is lost on everyone but Mel Gibson, and "yearning" doesn't share half a root with "addiction". Language, like music genre and visual style, is another subject to the equation of finding the right tool for the job. It is pure coincidence that the language this video's in provides a title that is somewhere between pun and multiple entendre; if you want to know more, learn German or find a German-speaker to explain it to you. Almost all interpretations are possibly valid depending on what part of the video you emphasize.

    Just one intentional lipsynch cut, which should keep the serious focus, but there is some intense effects work, mostly in making interesting night shots out of multiple non-interesting day shots and putting shots from radically different scenes together so that everyone is on-axis. If I did my job right they are not noticeable. In this regard I want to thank Miyazaki, though, for designing two central characters with more or less perfect lateral symmetry; it makes my job a hell of a lot easier when a character's shirt and hairstyle will stay the same if I need to flip a shot horizontally, which I did a stupid number of times in this video.

    Shin Hatsubai Self-Grade: A-. If I could have kept this out of the air I would have, because the video is less focused for it, but Miyazaki loves to have his characters flying, especially when they get passionate.
    stats: #clips: 177. average length: 1.27 seconds. total time: 17 hours.

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