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  • Title: Trance-Locator
  • Premiered: 2006-06-30
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    • Vintersorg Trancelocator
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    Okay folks, it has been quite some time since I last released a video. Now finally I have another one. I had the idea to build something similiar to this for a long time, but it never came to happen. Then, as I was about to take part at Acon I got to know that I needed a song of 3min or less. Since most songs I like are usually longer I had to search for something new. Then one evenign I found it as I was searching through a playlist. I had heard the name Vintersorg before and the song was only 2:22min long. I listened to it and discovered that this was something that would get difficult to build. From the very beginning I knew that I probably wouldn't have a chance to win at Acon. So I picked this thing up. The title of the song catched my eye immediately. "Trance Locator". At first I came up with this concept seeing it more as a joke than anything esle, but as i started editing things became more and more clear to me and I knew it wasn't that impossible. Syncing the drums wasn't as difficult as I imagined here, but still it was too many beats to do the whole 2:22. Another point was that I suddenly got to know that the deadliine was on April 29th. This came out of nothing and so I had to do something about it.
    I listened to the song again and selected the passages I would drop. Then I sent Warheart the song and asked him to do me a audioediting. He did and so I could go on. Shortly after this I was finished with the original thing, when I noticed that my concept would fail if I kept it like this. I captured Love Hina and began searching for a dance song. The same day Guy07 asked me per query whether I would be into electronic music. I knew he would probably provide me a data and so I said that it would depend on the music. seconds after this I had a link to a site where he hosted remixes he did. I donwloaded the one he suggested me (=> Kissu). I knew that it was helpful for my intentions after I had listened to it. So I asked him whether he would permit me to use it for an amv. He agreed and so I had to choose a passage from this song to do some dance stuff for the video (Warheart, audioediting 2 ;)). I immidiately got started editing on it. I got to knew how simple the music was build up and got my inspration for the editing-style from the videos of JCD and Xrinoa. With the help of Particle Illusions and some other effects I made the whoole thing up in short time. Unfortunately thje visual quality of the video was horrible as I exported it. I managed to eliminate most of the errors by using avs. Here I reconsidered that compressing was definately not my cup of tea.... anyways. I got a version ready and sent it over to Acon. After that I still thought the video was somewhat incomplete. So I picked up another idea I had had. I wanted to build an intro for the video, but with different voices and other sentences. I asked Requiett per AIM whether he could do some audio-recordings for me. Well he did and provided me a link to a web-page where I should find the other one ( As I had both recordings I included them and made a "final" in order to participate at japan-expo. To the same time I released a version of it in the #amvde channel in order to get some feedback from othr German editors. Well those were quite mixed, but all in all I think they had their fun to watch it.

    Well the purpose of the video is to show a "fight" between Metal and Trance. I came to this idea after seeing the song-title. I wanted to do something like this for quite some time, but please do not take all this too serious. I do not like electronic music that much, but I do not hate it either. I wanted to do the full-song, but since suddenly the deadline for Acon appeared I was forced to cut some passages of the song. I came to the conclusion that it qould be helpfull if I added some gimmicks to the video in order to make it a parody. Therefor I built the intro (which was the last thing I edited) and added a "Trance-passage" to the video. A lot of those gimmicks came to happen by coincidence. I had the idea to include some pictures of JCD (who is a great fan of electronic music) and asked him for his okay for it. I think that I managed to follow my concept quite good.


    There were quite some things that inspired me to add serveral things to the video. As I build the "Trance-pasage" I was inspired by the editing-styles of JCD and Xrinoa. There are quite some other elemtens in the video that came to happen in a similiar way. One example is a scene as Batou is running down a corridor. I was inspired by the movie "Deathmachine" here and tried to create my own little scenery attaching a radar (taken from the intro of Machwarrioir 4 Vengeance) and some other monitors. I have to name another person that inspired me a lot. This person is Niotex. All this came up since he was intending to make a gits video for acon. He spread this message in the community. Then as we got into contact I got to know, that this was not the case. I was already working on my gits-sources. So we thought we would just "brain-fuck" the ppl present at Acon. Well since Nio released his video way before this was not possible, but he gave me inspiration as well as motivation, thank you ^^.

    Personal words:

    Well, this is another video typical for me. Wicked concept, strange construction and a content that has to be interpreted than seen. Once again I build a video not in order to appeal to the mases in the community, but to have it for myself. I must admit at first i hated editing this, but I came into it and love the video now. Basically this just came into existence since I wanted to go to Acon, so I thought I had to bring s new video with me. I hope some of you have their fun with this video and enjoy it. I am really sorry for the bad visual quality, I hope I will be able to prevent issues like those in the future. Oh and before some of you come up with blaming or the like. The pictures I included show JCD. I asked him for his permission in order to use them, so there is no problem about it :P.

    Editors Comments:

    Okay in this passage I will explain the purpose and the construction of the video. It starts with a fade in and a scene from GitS2. Since I knew Requiett was doing voice-recordings I asked him to lend me his voice for one of the 2 characters I imagined. I also needed a second voice-actor, and found her by an advice Requiett also gave me (http:\\ I opened up a thread and asked for a volunteer to speak the second phrase. LC1 gave me a sample that fit perfectly. The dialogue itsself consists of the sentences (just for the ones who do not understand it lingual ;)) "We've got some Trance located here, get the units raedy" (Requiett) and "Affirmative, initializing activation" (LC1). After this passage I blended over to the scenes from GitS2 showing a cyborg being constructed. I used some echo-effects here in order to sync the sounds. These effects had a big disadvantage though. They decreased the visual-quality, adding a lot of macro-blocking. I still thought it was a good idea to use them. After the helicopter-scene (no explanation necessary) I added a pasdsage containing electronic music. Guy07 was the one offering me this song. All in all, it was about 2min long, but I only needed a small passage. I decided for the one that was used since I could use Love Hina in order to sync it. Basically were only 2 Love Hina episodes necessary in order to handle this (the one about Naru becoming an Idol and the one having the "first kiss" as topic"). Considering the effects used in this. At first I had some imaginations how to do this. Mojorly I was inspired by the editing-styles of JCD and xRinoa. I used some glows and increased the speed of the scenes to 300% more or less. I still needed something to sync the beats/bass in thr background. I remembered xRinoa's "remember me"-video and booted Particle Illusions in order to create an overlay. I decided for a simple structure being s standard PI-animation. After having this imported into premiere I build the overlays with it. I adjusted the animation with a glow and some sapphire-edge-rays. To the beginning of the metal-passage of the video I used a mask, a glow and a fish-eye effect in order to get the image of the screaming cybprg to move. In order to sync the beats I used some regular fighting-scenes in the background. after this first secs as the song continues as an instzrumental I used a regular scene of GitS2 as background and manipulated some scenes of GitS1 in order to use them as beat-sync. Therefor I used some s-edge-rays again and an effect (also frmo sapphire) giving the scenes a black and white structure (do not remember the name, but as an info, no it was not just a simple b/w). Now considering the corridor-scene. I was inspired by "Deathmachine-the movie" here. I remembered a scene ofr the machine running through an office-complex having kinda a visions in order to spot targets. Here I used after effects in order to buid up the text blinking in the center of the view. Furthermore did I use PI again in order to build some scanlines. I) also came to use another source-here. I wanted to include a radar, but did not nkow how to build one. So i just used the one being shown i the intro of "Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance". Thje advantage about this was, that I received the avi's of the intro after just injstalling the video ^^. I also wanted to declare a prey for my own little deathmachine, so I just took the scenes of Batou running through the submarine and moved them to the left side of the scenes. After this follows another scene made up with a background and b/w-edge-ray-scenes. Following on this a new passage of the song starts. It is a calm passage. Here I finally wanted to follow my concept and start the "battle". I used the scenes of t5he cyborgs and made an overlay with some PI-animations. To this time I wanted to declare the cyborgs representing metal and the shiny animations being the traces of trance. I used some s-glows in order to improve the images and to sync the beats, furthermore did I do some adjustments to the PI-animations. In the scenes of this complex one sees the "Metal-units" locating the origin of the trance being represented by the PI-stuff. Afterwards I used some fighting-scenes in order to declare the battle. I also included one gimmick here. In one scene I maked JCD and positioned him into the scene. to the end of the video there is another picture of his head appearing in the stomach of a person screaming in fear. Well, that basically is it. I received some comments saying the video was random. Well I hope those who thought so see now that the smallest part of the video was random, but that most of the parts of it were done on purpose.

    I would be gratefull for some constructive opinions so that I do not have to get the major-part via exchange again :/.

    Now finally here are some comments by ppl who saw this:

    All my betas: "WTF" (first reaction)

    Sojiro: "This is a hatred-video!"

    Warheart: " You are screwed up" - Sure that ;)

    Zest: " Why did you include the xRinoa-diss?"

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