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  • Member: loveanime18
  • Studio: Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios
  • Title: Tentai Go and Runaway
  • Premiered: 2006-06-23
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Runaway
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Yet another YYH AMV done by me.
    But this one is special guys really special. Besides being my first Linkin Park AMV it's also the first AMV I did with Adobe Premiere. Yes I recently got it and I was happy to see and use it. So this AMV is really me just playing around with premiere. I didn't really use any effects just 'cuz I wanted to get the hang of premiere. So I am once again a complete novice in some way for making an AMV. Just when I was starting to get pretty good with Movie Maker. I know. Hehe ;p

    So I converted the file to a divx file and still have no clue how to convert it from there to a mpeg or avi. Gomen about that guys so you'll require a divx player to play this but it should work with real player and windows movie player also.

    So I was too lazy to convert my usual bumper or any credits so I ended up not using any music and such as I regularly do. As I said too lazy. So you get to see nice text instead and a YYH pic. ^_^

    And I do plan on using WMM a bit still for some AMVs just 'cuz I want to. So you can expect some WMM AMVs from me later. I also recieved my first AMV request so I'll be working on that plus I am an editor for someone else too.

    Well other than that I have nothing really to say. Enjoy my first Adobe Premiere AMV.

    Format - divx
    Duration 3:12

    Eqiupment Used:
    -Adobe Premiere 6.0
    -Adobe PhotoShop 7.0
    -Adobe ImageReady 7.0
    -DivX Converter

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