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  • Member: Cornwiggle
  • Title: Voice
  • Premiered: 2006-06-23
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    • Death Voice Of The Soul
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  • Comments: Yes, a G GUNDAM video.

    This idea popped into my head one day, I've seen like 6 G Gundam AMVs here. 2 of them sucked balls, two were awesome, and two were about Domon and Rain...AGAIN -_-. But, every other anime, people do fights, and other good stuff, why not G? Well, I did. I got out my DVDs, uploaded the entire climax between the Shuffle Alliance and Ulube. This video is about Domon destroying the Devil Gundam, Ulube retreiving it, causing chaos, then fighting the Shuffle Alliance (even with Grand Master Gundam).

    This video...was very hard to do. My first instrumental The Final Confrontation, was good but everyone pointed out the crucial flaw, the lip movement. Lip movement in instrumentals=no. So in this I tried to edit out almost every lip movement I could see. I worked on this for like a week and a half, about 2 hours or so each day.

    The song I used was Voice of the Soul by Death, which I think has a very nice sound, and the song has only been used once before so I was up for it.

    Anyway, if you're a G Gundam fan, I would highly suggest checking this out. Hope you all like it! And comments are welcome!

    To a quick comment: Umm wow that was terrible I didn't see any point or story to the video at all.... Ummm i stoped the video at about 2:10 because it sucked and i could'nt stand watching it anymore............ ummm don't use Windows Movie Maker.... you have been on this site since 2003 and you still using it..... your totally pathetic... the least you could to is get a decent program. Don't make anymore videos. Your terrible.

    Just goes to show that people can't READ anymore. The story was written right up here ^, dumbass. And the program doesn't matter, what you use. Go on, keep on talking, bandwagon whore. Your comments mean nothing. It's people like you in the world who make it so shitty.

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