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  • Member: sasuke2468
  • Studio: Village Hidden In the Flames
  • Title: Before I Forget
  • Premiered: 2006-06-20
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    • slipknot Before I Forget
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  • Comments: I'm very happy to say that this is finally finished. I started this amv with only one goal in mind, make one of the most kickass action amvs possible. They're most fun for me and I had some major editor's block forever. So I sat down and Forced myself to work on a Video to a song from my favorite band, Slipknot. at first i was having some major trouble deciding how to start this one, then i saw the real music video for it and got a great idea. I started it the same the real music video was started, and throughout the amv it has some scenes edited in from the real music video. After watching the finished product i felt it really added to the amv. I kept close to the rules here and hav less then 10% nonanime footage so i should be fine. It's being uploaded onto a server for the anime expo as I speak.... or type... so hopefully it'll be there. I also made an attempt to use all Non-naruto footage, not because i'm against it in anyway.... but because almost all of my amv's are naruto. and i thought mabe that had somethign to do with my editor's block. Man did that help! This amv has taken me Months, 2 or 3 to be exact.... and i've spent dozens upon dozens of hours on it, special thanx to my friend Shinodude especially for helping me through it and doing some major beta testin for me. Without him this amv wouldnt' be what it is. Same with my friend Gemini711. Thank you two very much. Well I hope you all love this video very much, comments and opinions are greatly apreciated


    THE VIDEO MADE IT TO SEMIFINALS AT THE ANIME EXPO 2006!!! If you saw it at the expo i ask that you please download this, this is how it was ment to look. At the expo on their screen i'm not sure why (most likely cuz i was right up front) but some scenes where so blindingly bright i couldn't see and others where so dark you couldn't see it... i was extremly dissapointed... but this is my Xvid version that looks much better ^^ I'm very proud of this video of hope that you guyz love it too ^^

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