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  • Member: loveanime18
  • Studio: Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios
  • Title: YuYu Tentai Survivor
  • Premiered: 2006-06-16
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    • Tatsuhia Suzuki Just A Survivor
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  • Comments: Another YYH AMV from me.
    But this one has had participation in the con AnimeNEXT 2006.
    My first con and I got my AMV in the final cut. Though it didn't win which I am ok with since I know the other ones were better than mine. I was just happy to make the final cut and since I did get in on my first try I should have the same luck hopefully next year.

    I'm very proud of this AMV now that I seen it at the con. I was really doubtful after I sent in this submittion to the con. I was very very very nervous. I didn't get to see the AMV when the voting was taking place since I didn't go on friday (the lack of a ride to get there) and Saturday (since I was not early enough) but I did watch when they annouced the winners so that was great to see. The winning AMVs were awesome and I really enjoyed them so much. Good job to you winners. I was glad I was able to see 'em. Anyway the time I did see my AMV was at the encore presentation on Sunday. Sure everyone clapped for all the AMVs but I got some people cheering vocally. It made me so happy. I think it was not 'cuz of my editting skills they cheered but rather 'cuz someone did a YYH AMV. ^_^
    C'mon everyone loves YYH now. How can we deny its greatness?

    Anyway I did this AMV to the Sukisho! theme, Just A Survivor. Now I mentioned I love Sukisho! before some of you just may not be aware. You would be if you checked out my DA account and read my previous journals though. I thought the music of this song went well with YYH along with the lyrics. The only real action sync part I really "worked" on was the Yusuke Keiko bit in this AMV. Which you will see or already seen (if you were at the con) once you download this AMV.

    I spent a couple of days on this AMV and I really didn't do that many effects. Pretty much, if not all, the effects were speed up and down. ^_^' Nothing really fancy especially compared to my competition... well some of 'em anyway. A couple I didn't even see used effects at all. Back to the AMV now. As I said before I kept effects simple this time around not really wanting to over do it. Since it was gonna be my first submittion to a con. I did a YYH AMV since that's pretty much the AMVs I do. I have some non-YYH ones, but the best AMVs I make are YYH ones so excuse me if you're getting tired of seeing YYH on my list of AMVs. ^_^'

    Well I went on about this AMV for awhile now how about you just download and watch for yourself. But if you would all do me a favor and leave an opinion for this AMV. If any this AMV and any further AMV that I do to submit into a con and get in if I'm lucky enough. Just so I can improve and get fedback form at least my con submittions. Domo Arigato.
    Now kick back and relax.

    Oh yeah as a note. I went with the premired date at the con. It's been done for awhile now. I don't have a bumper for this AMV since I wasn't allowed to have one following the AnimeNEXT rules and I'm too lazy to put one in ;P. And that has been your nice note ^_^

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    Duration 3:41

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