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  • Member: Lord Rae
  • Studio: Phoenix AMV
  • Title: Another Way
  • Premiered: 2002-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Darwins Waiting Room Another Way
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My generator gawl video.

    Gawl is in many ways a goofy anime. Its also a blatant Terminator ripoff, but we won't get into that now...

    I focussed on a character who was for much of the series an unimportant character, hoping to stay away from the goofyness of the series and keep it well.. serious. If you've seen Gawl you know that she ends up being a very important (central to the story) character but for much of the series she is just there... looking kinda goofy.

    The song is used is by a band most of you haven't heard of ...Darwins waiting room. They rock.. great live show, awesome cd and just the whole underground things since almost no one knows of them. They have been around for several years.... but have stayed small outside of the their known circle of fans who are fiercly loyal. ok now the rest of the info section will be a spoiler ...but if you don't plan on seeing the anime, this little bit of info is critical to enjoying and understanding this video.


    The character I based this on actually comits suicide in the anime... but she does it off camera!! dammit... and she like... blows herself up... so theres no body for the hero's to grieve over...just a smoking crater. This makes doing a video to a song about suicide rather difficult..but I think I pulled it off....Let me know what you think!

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