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  • Member: Lemonpez
  • Studio: Majelic Productions
  • Title: Little More Bread Please!
  • Premiered: 2006-06-18
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    • Elvis vs JXL A Little Less Conversation
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  • Comments: *quick warning* there is some blood, just a warning for those who can't stand to see any amount of it.

    WON SECOND PLACE at Anime Iowa 2006

    Ahh Yakitate. A show about love, friendship, teamwork, troubled pasts, rivalry, revenge, gambling, afros, robots, nuns, parodies, and of coarse...bread.
    When this show was almost completed I had that strong urge to make an amv, so I did. I have put a lot of time into this amv but don't have an exact number of hours. It has been a few weeks since I started though.

    If you're still not convinced this is an anime about bread after watching this...I don't blame you.

    Little Notes:

    -I can think of four 'reactions' not used in this amv and with reason.
    The Curry reaction only had one part where kuroyanagi was in it but it wasn't as interesting or 'what is he doing' as the actual reaction.
    The Vapor Action 'reaction' was just Kuro standing there while two people took his picture. Not as 'what the heck is he doing' as others.
    There was one where he recited poetry. I don't remember specifically why I didn't use this one, probably I didn't want to.
    The first reaction with the grandfather. Not used because he doesn't show up anywhere else in the video.

    -I tried to keep a pattern at the parts of the song that go
    "a little more bite a little less bark, a little less fight a little more spark"
    this occurs four times in the song. The first time "a little more bite" is one shot while the rest have two, the second time "a little less bark" has one shot while the rest have two and so fourth and so on. Also, I used the cold/water for bite and fire for fight.

    -It may not look like it if you haven't seen the show but the clown judges bread. There are two main judges in the show one being him and the other being Kuroyanagi, the one with the black hair and horrid outfit. My main concern was that Pierrot the clown would seem random considering he wasn't introduced until latter. I did want to use both judges and I thought it would keep things interesting.
    -also when it goes "all this aggrivation" and cabbages are being hit repededly, that was put there because in the show the clown was litteraly "aggrivating cabbages" and got arrested for it.

    -I did include a kid tribute. Kid is the name of the blond guy who give you the thumbs up constantly. After a while he's in many flashbacks and explanations in the show so I wanted to give him credit. Also, he's kinda creepy.

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