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  • Member: Kionon
  • Studio: Kionon Productions Ltd.
  • Title: Minmay's a Bitch
  • Premiered: 2003-01-10
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    • Bowling for soup The bitch song
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  • Comments: UPDATE: Vid added to new server June 03, 2005.

    Hi all!

    I know it's been nearly a year since last I entered a video. Well, I had tried my hand at quite a few projects over that year, always getting a video about half done before realizing something was wrong. For the Maison Ikkoku vid, I simply ran out of available footage, something I'm sad to say will never be changed, since Viz is being kind of stingy and not releasing MI on DVD and I refuse to buy the bootlegs. I started a KOR vid not long ago, and perhaps that might be finished, but I stopped when I found out I'd be getting back the second vid I started in that line of projects: this one.

    The story of this video isn't really all that complicated... At first glance. Around June (about six months after my last made vid, the Airbats one) I heard Bowling For Soup's "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" and decided I really liked them. I have an idea for that song, but I won't give it away now. So, I went to my friendly peer to peer file sharing program and got more of their songs. By this time, I had a copy of the R2 Macross Volume 1 DVD, and gears started turning. Not long after, I found myself at Anime Mid Atlantic, hanging out with some fun people, including Carl Macek. Anyways, at the end of the con, I picked up AnimEigo's first Macross boxed set. It was pretty much set after that. I came home back to Dallas with a mission. I would make a video that commented on one of the reasons people hate Minmay. She's a selfish bitch.

    So, at the time, armed with my Sony VAIO laptop (the one in the infamous "Priceless" banner, yes, that was me) 1GHz PIII (which back in the day when I bought it *did* cost that much -_-) my legal copy of Adobe Premiere (the $600 dollar editing tools) and my Macross Boxed Set (the $100 dollar boxed set) I set to work.... And for all that, I still only had a Dazzle Digital Creator 80. Not really bad, in fact, half of the footage in this video was what I captured in that all nighter... Then I noticed I was running out of space, so I started rearranging stuff, and transfered my files for the video to the desktop computer responsible for Utena (Story of a Girl) and Arima to Miyazawa. Then I burned some cd, can't recall what it was since it didn't matter considering what happened next. I forgot the desktop tower was on the floor, and walked right into the ejected cd-rom tray. Quite forcefully, in fact, so much so that it jammed back into the tower, broke the cd burner, screwed up the motherboard, and shut down the desktop computer for a period lasting all the way until this past weekend. Sucked to be me, didn't it?

    Then AWA rolled around and suddenly AMV making was a big deal, because I *was* Kionon Productions Ltd., and I was among the finest group of artists ever assembled. I needed to get back to where I belonged, among their ranks. This made me really tired of not having all the project files on the desktop (Lovingly called Usagi until her last weekend upgrade. She is now Serenity owing to her rebirth and more powerful structure) as well as plenty of other things like 4 gigs of AMVs and 500 mp3s, and my original writings and fanfiction. So, I went to Fryes three weeks ago and bought a new motherboard, a new video card, a 1.3 gHz AMD Duron, 128 MB of DDR RAMM and a new Yamah CD-RW drive. I also finally got to use the TV Wonder VE I picked up at wal-mart several months before on a whim. Did it work? No. I took the motherboard and case, a Soyo, back and complained. Turned out that the Soyo didn't play well with my processor. The entire product line was flawed. So, taking the advice of the friend who informed me of this, I bought a new case and the motherbaord he suggested. I got home, plugged everything in... It still didn't work. By this time, I really, REALLY frustrated. My mother has a friend who builds computers for a living, so, she took it to him. This brings us to last friday, when I'm informed that they couldn't get it to work either, and I have but one day to return everything to Frye's before I can't. So what did I do? I desperately started touching stuff in the computer. Yes, just pulling cords out and putting them back in, rearranging them, even though I had no idea what I was doing... And it worked. And has continued to work. Still don't know why, and don't much care as long as it stays that way.

    Starting Sunday night, I reinstalled Premiere on Serenity, opened up the months old project file and began where I left off. While this is by far the most technically demanding video I've ever created, it was pretty easy to go with the flow. The concept was already there, half the footage was already there, I still had access to the other half of the footage, and about a fourth of the video was already done. I dug in and started working, pulling long nights all week. Finally, a version of it is worthy to show. This won't be the "premiere" as I'd much prefer a revised edition to premiere at a con. Probably it'll be Ohayocon, Ushicon, or Katsucon. I'm planning to enter it at all three cons. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the video. Don't forget to leave a review, because this video will be modified dependent upon feedback.

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