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  • Member: godai-kun
  • Studio: Otaku Outpost
  • Title: Forever
  • Premiered: 1999-07-04
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    • Queen Who Wants to Live Forever
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  • Comments: My very first video.

    Just to give you some background, the very first anime I ever saw (aside from Robotech/Macross) was Ah! My Goddess. (By the way, thank you ever so much, Ratt, for introducing me to the world of anime... forever grateful ^_^)

    Anyways, after seeing this series, I fell instantly in love with it (although it has dropped to #3 in ranking, behind Maison Ikkoku and Marmalade Boy, but only because it is so short). A week later, I was watching Highlander (the Movie), and this song just jumped out at me, and I got to thinking about how it must suck to be immortal, and in love with someone who will die someday...

    and then I thought of Belldandy...

    the video started to come together in my head, and hasn't changed much since my original concept. In fact, the drowning flashback is *exactly* how I envisioned it all those years ago.

    Four years later, much anime watched, and finally having access to a computer capable of doing this kind of work, I hijacked (my production partner) Tony's A!MG Laserdiscs, and set to work... when he woke up the next day (after approx. 15 hours of working on this), the video was at about 98% completion... just needing the fine tuning that all videos need.

    I still am surprised at how well this video has been received by the people who have seen it...

    well, enjoy, and let me know what you think...

    p.s. grab a box of tissues before starting this video... it has made people cry...


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