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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: A Pawn of War
  • Premiered: 2006-06-12
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    • Eminem like toy soldiers
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  • Comments: Well, okay. Let's get started.

    I created this video with one thought in mind: Heero, from Gundam Wing, is much like a toy soldier. Dr. J tells him what to do and he does it. (Hince the title 'pawn of war'). Whether that means killing or not.

    I wanted this to kind of...represent the whole idea that during the series, Heero rarely shows emotion towards the actions he's taken and to his fellow pilots (Quatre, Duo, Trowa, and WuFei; but WuFei just doesn't really CARE because he's good like that. ^_~) But towards the end of the series, he begins to realize that some of the things he's done is going too far for war.

    I only added one clip of Relena *cringe* because, as some of you may know, I'm not a big fan of her...but I tried to be civil. ^^;

    Especially in Endless Waltz, the little girl that gives him a flower and has her dog with her is killed when one of Heero's missions goes wrong. I guess a lot of the video is around that, especially in the line 'It was never my object for someone to get killed'.

    Now on to the song. I guess you can see why I chose the song from my ramblings up there, but I also had to edit a few things out. A pretty good portion of the song was about Eminem's personal life, and unfortunately Heero's life his no where near like Eminem's, so part of the song had to go. But, the good thing to come out of it? Um...well it did shorten the video from six minutes to three. ^_^

    I always wanted to do a Gundam Wing video, since it is my favorite anime, and I guess that means I'll start doing a lot more.

    The only thing? Well, it has two or three curse words in it, but hey, it's Eminem, since when do we expect different? o.O I wanted to use the cleaner version, but it was very I sacrificed a few underage watchers just to get better audio? Yay! ^^

    Another thing: Gundam Wing, as a lot may know, but created and aired back in 1995, and Endless Waltz was aired in 1997. That means that there artwork (not the artwork itself, just mostly the coloring) was a little shotty. I tried to make the pixels smaller to make the quality a little better, so I hoped it worked. ^^

    At the end where I added the mission logs (as well at the beginning, o.O) I had to add my username and studio somewhere, but I didn't want it to be like " toy soldiers......*insert music here* MADE BY: yaddia yadda yadda..." so I decided to put it in the mission logs. At the beginning where it says "destroy any rebellious organizations" Dream Lovely stuios is that organization. ^_~ On target profile (apparently I'm being assassined, whee.) it has my username. I thought it was more yaaaaaaay. >_<

    Well, anyways. Here are the lyrics. I cut out the parts I cut out in the video too. One of the major things I had to take out was that ONE line in there that said 'This ain't what I'm in hip-hop for, that's not why I got in it' and as much as I like to see Heero bust out in rap and do hip-hop, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. So that had to go. I also had to take out the whole second verse, becase it was all about Eminem's life, so....>_>
    Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
    We all fall down...

    Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
    We all fall down like toy soldiers
    Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
    But the battle wages on for toy soldiers

    [Verse 1]
    I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
    Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
    I am never supposed to show it, my crew ain't supposed to know it
    Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a Benzino it don't matter
    I'd never drag them in battles that I can handle unless I absolutely have to
    I'm supposed to set an example
    I need to be the leader, my crew looks for me to guide 'em
    If some shit ever does pop off, I'm supposed to be beside 'em
    That Ja shit I tried to squash it, it was too late to stop it
    There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it
    And even though the battle was won, I feel like we lost it
    I spent too much energy on it, honestly I'm exhausted
    And I'm so caught in it I almost feel I'm the one who caused it
    That was never my object for someone to get killed
    Why would I wanna destroy something I help build
    It wasn't my intentions, my intentions was good
    I went through my whole career without ever mentionin' Suge
    And that was just out of respect for not runnin' my mouth
    And talkin' about something that I knew nothing about
    Plus Dre told me stay out, this just wasn't my beef
    So I did, I just fell back, watched and gritted my teeth
    While he's all over t.v. down talkin' a man who literally saved my life
    Like fuck it i understand this is business
    And this shit just isn't none of my business
    But still knowin' this shit could pop off at any minute cuz


    Small file too, because I made the images a little smaller. Fun? Fun.
    But, some of the clips I wanted were just...grrrr not in the ones I had on DVD, so I used the ones I recorded six years ago from CN.

    *** WHY do you BOTHER watching this video? It's old, outdated, SUCKY. Don't download it, download a newer video instead. GOT IT????

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