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  • Title: Alchemic Sin
  • Premiered: 2006-06-11
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    Won - Anime USA 06' - Best Trailer
    Won - Anime USA 06' - 2nd Place, Veiwers Choice
    Won - Anime Boston 07' - Best Concept

    First off I'd like to thank the following people for there helpful teachings and such:

    JaddziaDax - Thank you for your help and kind words to get me motivated again ^^

    jade_eyed_angel - T.T You guided me when i had questions late and night and did it with a smile :D thanky!

    CiellaJess - >_> i dunno if she has an account on here. Thank you for your photoshop skills and your teachings on color theory :P

    Greek Prince - Thank you for your helping on me saving the video and your kind words ^^

    This is my first video i've done outside of Windows Movie Maker...and im honestly very proud of it.

    This is a Parody of the Sin City trailer set to the Fullmetal Alchemist.

    I really can never make a music video unless i listen and the video plays out in my head. and when i heard just the audio from the worked itself out perfectly.

    I worked on making different things colorful and sometimes had to increase the color because it was so bland.

    The things I colored and why:

    Ed's Hair and eyes - Hair because he is "Goldie" so it was ment to mock the trailer. Also he has golden eyes which are pointed out all the time, and also helps the "Goldie" name.

    ROY'S Fire and Sparks and Blood symbol- I only did Roy's fire because A. There was way too much normal fire and it would look corny. and B. seeing as its set by him, it kinda gives a trade mark

    Scar's Eyes - Always pointed out in the show that Ishbalians have red eyes, so i thought that would give a good look.

    Armstrong's Light - Frankly...cause it looks cool. And I didnt wanna leave Armstrong out

    Rose's Hair - Because the pink sticks out in the show, and I needed a kinda shy girl character for the end creidt dealy to match the trailer

    Tucker's Glasses - I whited them out and darkened the clip so that he matched up with Elijah Wood. His character is always with a blacked out face and whited out glasses.

    Scar's Lightning - Because Armstrong's lightning looked so cool :3. Also i had beta testers request it.

    Roy's Red Ring - Because it too glows red in the anime, quick lil thing i put in last minute.

    Now reasons why i didnt color some things:

    Blood - Lemme get this outta the way. The blood in FMA is drawn very would be extremely hard to make it BRIGHT BLOOD RED without it looking corny. Roy's blood symbol was ment to i could pull that off.

    Normal Fire - Again it would look corny and also i wanted to give roy his own lil color tag.

    Roy's Glove/Transmutation circle - The glove is white. I tried making it GLOWING white, didnt work right. Also his normal transmutation circle is very thin and very making it Bright red really didnt work couldnt even see it

    Homuculus Symbol - Again...too dark

    Lust's Lips - I and many people wanted Lust to have Red lips....I tried it....she looked like a clown.

    Let it be said i wanted the color effect in the video...but i didnt wanna milk it for all it was worth...i coulda colored alot of things but i only wanted to color only what was speical or would stick out and were important.

    Im bummed cause i was gonna enter this into Otakon but i missed the due date.
    I wanna enter this into a con

    Either way Enjoy and PLEASE comment.

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