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  • Member: Malificus
  • Studio: 0^0=1 Studios
  • Title: I See the Demons
  • Premiered: 2006-06-11
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  • Song:
    • LUNATIC Demons Lurkin' (feat. H.P. & Mecca)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I put about 25 hours into the creation of this video. Some problems came up with saving the original, so I actually had to edit the song to be shorter, but thankfully my original intention still came through.

    In this AMV, I wanted to try something new. It jsut so happened that I heard this song just after watching Jing. As you can see, this idea came to me so I got on it right away, working solid until I finished. This AMV also marks my departure from quality problems. No more will I have Macroblocking or Interlacing in my videos (hopefully).

    THe focus in the begining of this video, the focus is more on developing the theme, but towards the end, the focus changes to more of an action that continues the basic theme of the video.

    As for the lip synch, none of it is done by hand, I first noticed that one scene synched perfectly, so I looked for similar scenes to use in apropriatew times.

    There are spoilers, but because of Jing's episodical nature, they only affect the last three episodes.

    Concerning the sound around 2:16-2:28, the music sounds like that in the original file, so that was unavoidable.

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