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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Title: Sympathy for the Devil
  • Premiered: 2006-06-11
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    • Mushroomhead One More Day
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  • Comments: This was a video I had stuck in my head for a few weeks. I originally heard the song, and wanted to do a video, but had no idea for a source. After a few weeks I decided on the Samurai X OVAs, and then the editing began. It was a bit of a challenge to present everything the way I wanted, and to keep a linear, straight forward storyline, but in the end I think i accomplished it. This video was also partly created in response to Nessephanie's challenge:

    "Make a video, and the entire time your working on it, don't think to yourself or mention once that you're not a good editor."

    I took the challenge, and defied the laws of nature by succeeding. So allow me to say: HA! I smashed your challenge. Smashed it right in the face.

    Thanks - Nessephanie and aielI_Ileia. Both of you encouraged me, and have believed in my editing abilities even when I haven't. Thank you.

    THE DIRECT LINK IS HIGHER QUALITY - After a few complaints about the grainy footage, Koop gave me a script for a re-encode, which is visually improved.
    I'll probably get the local deleted sooner or later : \

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