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  • Member: CGanim8t0r
  • Studio: NKode
  • Title: Final Fantasy X - REMINISCENCE
  • Premiered: 2002-10-27
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    • The Calling Wherever You Will Go
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  • Comments: Hey guys,

    Well finally I completed my very first romance video. I actually started this video last december and stopped and procrastinated alot through out.. =P but I finally completed it with in a week after about 9 months. Not sure if anyone has made a video with FFX and this song, but I wouldnt doubt it, I havent been u to date with AMV lately cause I was so busy. Anyways I hope you enjoy my version of this music video. Pretty much all the clips and effects are put exactly to the beat or with the wording of the lyrics. I worked alot on this video and I quaratee you it is WELL WORTH THE WATCH.

    THE STORY:: First off the Title is pretty self explanitory. In this music video we'll see our hero Tidus and our heroine Yuna, as they recall their cherish and bitter memories on their journey in Spira. Flash back scenes is the main theme of this music video, which is something that you'll surely notice! Well, without further ado, I hope everyone enjoy my latest music video!!! SO ENJOY!

    [NKODE]- co creator
    Will aka CGanim8t0r

    PS- I'd really appreciate it after you watching this video to place a comment in the my opinions or you can email me at , I really would like to hear what you think. !!considering this is my first romance music video. THANKS in advance!

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