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  • Member: Mister Anderson
  • Title: Ultra Violent Deunan
  • Premiered: 2006-06-01
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    • Ultraviolet Trailer Audio Ultraviolet Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: I've always loved movie trailers & I especially love a great parody.

    I'd been highly anticipating the movie ULTRAVIOLET from 2nd time director Kurt Wimmer (I loved Equilbrium) & had planned on doing a music video for it....if it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately for me (and a lot of others), it was. So that killed any desire to cut one. :(

    But after a few weeks I found the trailer for it still on my HD & watched it again, for old times sake before I deleted it. And then for some reason, the new CGI Appleseed movie popped into my head & I thought "Hey, I wonder if I could put it to the audio of the UV trailer?"

    And after seeing some of the great efforts that have been shared on AMV I decided I'd at least have a go at making a trailer parody - to see if it would work. And it was almost criminal on how easy it ended up being & how well it turned out. :)

    One aspect of the video I was really pleased with was the amount of lip sync I managed to do - and while the CGI footage is probably not as forgiving as the traditional hand drawn stuff, I think it still works really well & its just about as good as you're going to get in some sections. Also the facial gestures for each of the lip sync parts seems consistent with delivery of the particular lines of dialogue.

    I added some sound effects to the video to fill in a few places that needed it: mainly some gun SFX, a door kick & the hiss of a Landmates front chest plate closing (taken from the movie itself). I made a concious effort to keep the extra SFX to a minimum though, and used only what I felt made it better.

    I also got to use an effect I've always wanted to use in something - Edge Rays. And the transition into the name of the trailer was perfect for it.

    Well thats about enough from me, if you are downloading this trailer parody I hope you got a kick out of it! I know I had an absolute blast making it. ;)

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