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  • Member: JG
  • Title: Aura Dreams
  • Premiered: 2002-11-08
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    • Orgy Fiction
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  • Comments: This is my first anime music video. I'll state up front that I committed the cardinal sin of using fansub source, but that is because when I made the video, there was nothing else available. I cut all of the text, of course, excepting a "No!" where that "no" was pretty important to the scene.

    All in all, this video is a character profile of the uncertain relationship between Tsukasa, Aura, his "Guardian", and the entity which gave the Guardian to him. I'm showing it at NekoCon, and if it doesn't get laughed off the stage there (I'd consider myself lucky!) I'll link it here.

    I would like to stress that this video is the result of a complete n00b deciding to do something with his ideas and learn Premiere 6.0 while at it. Everyone I've shown this video to liked it, but I am my own worst critic. So, having said that, when( if!) you do see it, please leave constructive criticism.

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