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  • Member: Cornwiggle
  • Title: Ayase's Anger
  • Premiered: 2006-05-30
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    • Garbage Why Do You Love Me?
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  • Comments: I worked really hard on this one. This is, blantatly a character tribute to Ayase Terada from S-CRY-ed. When I first watched the show I didn't think of her as awesomely cool, but I did think she was awesomely a babe. But one day I was looking for songs and I found this one by Garbage, and I immediately thought of episode 17, at her and Kazuma's relationship. This song is a perfect match for episode 17, which was one of my favorites.

    Now after making this video I've grown to like Ayase more, so now she's a cool character...who's still a babe. :)

    Anyway, this video only uses episode 17, and I think it worked fine, it's about Kazuma and Ayase's relationship. This one I tried to do the best editing I possibly could, it took a lot longer but was worth it and I gave my honest to god best attempt at lip synching. Most of them looking very good to me, and I'm proud of myself. However, at 2:45 to 2:47, that part was next to impossible to lip synch, so those 2 seconds look really wonky, but everything other lip part I'm proud of.
    My favorite part of this video are the parts of Kazuma getting thrown around in the water, that was so much fun to synch to. :D

    If you like Ayase, I think you'll enjoy this. Enjoy! Comments are always welcome.

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