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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: The Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! AMV Ever Made
  • Premiered: 2006-05-30
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  • Songs:
    • Dan Green Anti-Drug Commercial
    • Disney Misc Femininity
    • Disturbed Meaning Of Life
    • Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Commercial
    • Foamy the Squirrel Fatkins Diet
    • Foamy the Squirrel Handmade Clothes
    • Garbage You Look So Fine
    • Henry Phillips She's talking again
    • Karen Lafferty Seek Ye First
    • Limp Bizkit Break Stuff
    • prince of Egypt Audio Clip
    • Prozzak Sucks To Be You
    • Reel 2 real I like to move it
    • Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy
    • Shania Twain Man! i feel like a woman
    • System of a Down Psycho
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    This is officially the worst Yu-Gi-Oh! AMV ever made. Seriously. If you watch it, you'll see what I mean.

    This is done AMV Hell style. None of the AMV Hells had any Yu-Gi-Oh jokes. Shameful. We should fix that. This is what this AMV is all about.

    And why is it on the same 'channel' throughout the whole thing? Because, no matter how much you want to change the channel, you are stuck watching Yu-Gi-Oh! BWA!!!! *cough* Anyway....

    And you don't need to understand Yu-Gi-Oh to watch this. Anyone can watch this. But I was seriously going for the WTF factor. This whole AMV is a parody. The title is even a parody.

    The title at the beginning was made by me as well.

    Thank you in advance for viewing. Have a nice day.


    Since I'm tired of people asking me about it, here is the song listings in the order they appear in the AMV:


    Dan Green|Anti-Drug Commercial Audio|Atemu
    Henry Phillips|She's Talking Again|Anzu
    Prozzac|Sucks to be you|Ryou and Bakura
    Karen Lafferty|Seek ye first|Atemu
    Disturbed|Meaning of Life|Malik
    Ellen Feiss|Apple Switch Commercial|Anzu
    Foamy| Handmade Clothes|Mai and Jou
    Ellen Feiss|Apple Switch Commercial|Anzu
    Right Said Fred|I'm too Sexy|Atemu
    Prince of Egypt|Audio Clip|Priest Seth and Atemu
    System of a Down|Psycho|Bakura
    Foamy|Fatkins Diet|Jou
    Limp Bizkit|Break Stuff|Kaiba
    Shania Twain|Man, I Feel like a Woman|Atemu
    Reel 2 Reel|I like to Move it|Anzu
    Garage|You look so fine|Atemu
    Disney Misc.|Femininity|Pegasus


    The Legacy behind the Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! AMV Ever Made:

    This was actually inspired by not only AMV Hell but also a Song for Everyone (Fruits Basket) and Azumanga Die-Oh. It has the flipping the channels and all comedy but the comedy is also character profiles. Here is a guide for the inspiration behind each segment:

    Dan Green Anit-Drug Commercial/Atemu: (2)
    C'mon...Atemu talking about drugs is way too funny to pass up. Dan Green actually did this commercial audio about a year ago and was on Kids WB. I only know that since I was bored one day and saw it on there. It was just too tempting to pass up.

    She's talking again/Anzu:
    Anzu always gives those lengthy speaches about crap that noone gives a damn about, so hence this segment. Plus, a LOT of people love Anzu bashing including me, so this was an obvious pairing. Yes, please shut up for once...

    Sucks to be You/Ryou and Bakura:
    Prozzac (the guy that sings this) sounds kinda British by the way that he sings this song, and in the English dub Ryou has this British accent or something. When I heard the song, I thought it was perfect for him and his yami Bakura-kun.

    Seek ye First/Atemu:
    What's funnier than pairing a church song with anime? This actually fits in a odd way since the Pharaoh WAS God in Ancient Egypt (or one of them at least) and Atemu is another name for Amon the Sun God. And his father Akhenamkhanen was the same Pharaoh that tried to promote monotheism in Egyptian History and apparently named his son after the same god. So, you add some kingdom scenes of Egypt and you have a perfect pairing. I'm not however trying to compare Atemu with God, but you probably already knew that.

    Meaning of Life/Malik:
    Because, Malik is psycho and his yami is probably THE most psycho villian in all of Yu-Gi-Oh, even in the manga. This was too obvious...

    Ellen Feiss/Anzu: (2)
    Because, she WOULD do something stupid like that. And before this was dubbed in English, I imagined her voice sounding a lot like this.

    Foamy Handmade Clothes/Mai and Jou:
    Because Mai DOES dress like a friggin slut. Jou's just the first one to point it out.

    I'm too Sexy/Atemu:
    Seriously, Atemu IS sexy and I know he knows it...but he wouldn't be caught dead saying it...until now...

    Prince of Egypt Audio/Priest Seth and Atemu:
    I imagined Priest Seth being a lot like Moses. It's also a referal to my Plagues Trilogy videos. And, well, Atemu IS a Pharaoh. I'm so mean to him sometimes. But this was too funny to pass up.

    Because...Bakura is actually Zorc, the Lord of Darkness or whatever. Can you GET any more psycho. Plus I think he's been doing some drugs, but most of the villians on Yu-Gi-Oh are probably on drugs...

    Foamy Fatkins/Jou:
    Jounouchi is always eating food, so he might think people that diet are stupid. I could just seeing him saying that. And if you ever hear his Japanese voice, is kinda squeaky like Foamy's. And in the manga, Jou curses a lot. Nuff said.

    Break Stuff/Kaiba:
    This is too obvious for it's own good...

    Feel like a Woman/Atemu:
    Anyone notice that those things that the Egyptians wore looks a lot like a skirt? I would feel like a woman too if I had to wear that every day...

    I like to Move it/Anzu:
    Anzu's playing some form of DDR. I could imagine this song being a DDR song. And she likes to....MOVE IT!

    You look so fine/Atemu:
    Another push in the sexy direction.

    Pegasus dresses and talks very feminine. Only girls call a guy Kaiba boy or Yugi boy. And what's with the frills on his cuffs and that hair? He probably IS a woman and doesn't want to admit it.

    And it ends with Malik laughing insanely. It might imply that there is another version. You may never know....


    Quick Comments:
    2009-07-23 18:40:15 Wow, that DEFINITELY made me laugh!! ^_^
    2007-07-26 10:28:28 hilarious!
    2007-07-26 08:06:55 i love it!!!!
    2007-07-18 02:34:32 Not the most original, but definately humorous. LOVE Peguses's 'femininity'. >w
    2007-05-16 04:07:21 Omg, I loved it! Dont change a thing!
    2007-05-02 23:28:38 You were right.
    2007-05-01 21:20:34 GAH was the worst! I've never seen Yugioh, so maybe that's why....Never could bring myself to watch that.....*shudder*
    2007-05-01 16:54:51 Okay
    2007-04-29 12:22:22 XD I loved the second bit, with Anzu...
    2007-03-26 21:04:59 LMAO!!!!
    2007-03-18 06:47:21 and THIS is what youre going to be "internet famous" for O: zomg ;)
    2007-03-11 22:42:51 Pretty good, overall.
    2007-03-10 18:00:47 ROFL!!! That video DID make me go, "wtf", but it was so funny. I was really WTF for the Pegasus part. I think I saw this on youtube...
    2007-03-04 12:52:24 "Ramses, let my people go" ;D Nice WB & DivX logos.
    2007-02-12 19:52:29 I actually liked it. Goofy as hell.
    2007-01-31 16:05:23 nice.. but retarded , just a bit ..^_~
    2007-01-29 15:29:23 ALL HAIL FOAMY YOUR LORD AND MASTER!!
    2006-12-17 15:55:59 Some good stuff, but not all of it worked. I especially liked the Femininity, Kaiba ripping someone's head off, "Ramses...let my people go", too sexy for my shirt, slutwear, Fatkins diet, and probably one I've forgotten. The rest just didn't work for me
    2006-11-27 01:15:39 I am cow here me moo. I weigh twice as much as you. And I look good on the barbecue! And don't duel on marijawna, only PCP.
    2006-11-07 07:34:37 This is the funniest shit ever made! If it were possible I'd give it 10 stars!
    2006-11-01 15:52:43 You had me dying on the floor. 5 stars for hilarity!!!!
    2006-10-09 03:27:05 Meh
    2006-10-08 07:26:31 This is good
    2006-10-06 23:32:12 Great! Use more animes next time
    2006-10-04 20:40:14 Lives up to it's name
    2006-10-03 18:02:18 it was funny, i liked it
    2006-09-10 20:09:17 Heh
    2006-08-20 12:55:41 I've seen worse :)
    2006-08-13 12:05:25 Lol XD
    2006-08-03 03:55:44 XD
    2006-08-02 21:59:43 That was just I loved it! This should definetly be an ongoing thing. I did prefer the second one though, which is strange because I usually don't like sequals...great I'm rambling. 5'd-Morph Man
    2006-08-02 21:54:38 Could have been WAY better, I'm telling you. The worst.
    2006-07-29 23:05:15 Well, it certainly lives up to its name. o_O
    2006-07-29 02:19:00 Didn't like it.
    2006-07-27 21:04:09 This is the funniest & the best YGO vid I have ever seen! Left you an opinion I hope you like it! ^^ 5/5 ~ Maricela
    2006-07-27 12:14:32 this made me bust a gut. I loved the anti drug, Anzu bashing, and Prince of Egypt parts the most. 5 stars
    2006-07-26 18:12:55 sync isn't perfect all the time
    2006-07-26 14:12:55 this was pretty funny id give it a 4
    2006-07-25 05:35:16 I laughed like I haven' in a long time, many thanks for it. 5. -Aura
    2006-07-16 23:26:10 ya slut wear
    2006-07-16 10:14:45 Very nice!
    2006-07-15 12:40:26 O_o You titled this perfectly!
    2006-07-07 14:57:55 5 Stars, not because it was good but because it was exactly as you said it would be.
    2006-07-06 22:39:17 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing
    2006-07-06 08:43:54 Great!
    2006-07-02 23:02:49 deserves a 5 for slutwear alone! Go Foamy!
    2006-07-01 22:36:36 ok video
    2006-06-29 23:38:25 Funny!
    2006-06-28 23:08:35 XDDDD Drop dead funny!!
    2006-06-28 14:20:09 Worst. YGO. AMV. Ever. And that's a good thing!
    2006-06-25 18:59:46 hehe, ahh I was in a crappy mood but this made me laugh a few times. Kudos! Great song selections.
    2006-06-21 10:19:55 Great AMV. Not much I can say about it ^_^
    2006-06-15 22:52:05 that was hilarious!!!^_^
    2006-06-09 22:53:17 neat? i like the part with the 'prince of egypt'
    2006-06-05 20:21:19 That was really funny
    2006-06-01 16:07:16 Nice job. 4/5
    2006-05-31 12:39:32 pretty funny actually
    2006-05-30 19:30:37 Oh God, that was funny! Yay!!!

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