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  • Member: dreamawake
  • Title: Slipping Away {My Realization}
  • Premiered: 2006-05-28
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    • Sum 41 Slipping Away
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  • Comments: Ok, this vid is about Sora and his freinds. I named it Slipping Away {My Realization} because the theme is about Sora, and how he is slipping away from his home, and how his freinds are slipping away. He went through alot of emotions in the game and i tryed to incorperate that into the vid. There are some spoilers so if you havnt beaten the game, dont watch.

    Here are the lyrics:
    I'm slippin' away
    In every way
    I can't stay (and I don't know why) awake
    I'm slippin' (and I don't know why) away

    I trying to make it through each day
    I'm fallin apart now in every way
    I'm findin' it harder to get by
    Theres a hole in my heart
    And, I dont know why
    Now I've come to realize

    I'm slippin' away

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    Sony Vegas
    AviC fourCC Changer

    Codec: XviD
    Length: 02:39
    Format: AVI
    Audio Codec: LAME MP3

    Thats about it....Enjoy

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