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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: Missing you
  • Premiered: 2006-05-28
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    • Taproot Birthday
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    Missing you
    And hereīs my new Advent children video. The song I am using is Taproot with Birthday. I first heard it when watching Godstriker88īs video Just one more day (which is probably one of the best videos I have ever seen. It totally rocks, actually. So whoever is a fan of the FF series or just loves awesome videos, should check it out. Itīs gonna rock your socks! :D) and I totally fell in love with it. It is one of those songs with some great emotion in it. Itīs sad and awesome, and great, and.. it just touches you. Itīs a great song to work with, since the beats are nice on ya and well.. since itīs just simply wonderful. The lyrics fits amazingly well with FF7AC (it works even better with FFX, I again encourage you to check Blitz video out!!) and is getting my point straight.. I think.

    I suck at action videos. I just do. I dont seem to ever get it right and I just kinda.. well, suck. But this is still kind of a action video, and yet itīs not. I cant really explain. But itīs not like one of those FF7AC video which is action straight through without no story or plot whatsoever, I just wanna point that out. I dont like doing what everyone else is doing, and I hope this is different.

    I wanted to put Kadaj in there a bit too, since I think he has a great role in the movie. Part as a badass and still kind of one of those children himself. Confused and alone. I also tried to tell Clouds story.. I even tried to tell Denzelīs, but I totally flopped on that one, so just try to ignore his part in the video. And now I am getting confused and you guys probably have no idea what I am trying to pull here.. eeeh.. Just watch the video. If I succeded with what I was trying to do, then you will get what I was trying to tell with my book-long-comment and if not well.. then I failed.

    Blablabla, my brain is out of function for the moment. Iīll just have to update this when I have the time (like never). Download AMWīs til your hearts content. Adios

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