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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: Saranghe
  • Premiered: 2006-05-28
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    • Celin Dion My heart will go on
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    Yet another FFX/FFX-2 video of Tidus and Yunas love. To be completely honest, I am getting pretty tired of it myself. I promised that my I remember video was gonna be my last video containing FFX, but I cant keep that promise. Ive made two videos with My heart will go on before.. and after that my computer crashed and all of my videos were gone. I have always wanted to make a new MHWGO video with Tidus and Yuna, and here it is.

    I wanted it to be sad and sentimental and all that crap, but Im not too sure that I succeded on that point. I wanted it to be different from all the other MHWGO videos, but I dont think I succeded on that point either. It contains the usual clips from FFX and FFX-2.. actually only two FMWs from X-2 is in there - 1000 words and the dream. The theme of this video is happy endings. The dream is in the cause I wanted it to say: There are no happy endings. Is there no happy endings? At least it may seem so in FFX, since everything is pretty damn sad in that game, and I wanted to bring that out even though it has been done like a thousand times before. And which song could be better than the love theme from Titanic?

    The title Saranghe is korean and means I love you. Thats gotta be the most prettiest word I know, so I wanted to use that too.

    Anyway, opinions is always appreciated, but I am not forcing anyone. If you have something to complain about or wanna share some tips, just tell me. I am always open for critism :D Download AMWs til your hearts content. Adios

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