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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Love Isn't Easy - Soothing Symphonic
  • Premiered: 2006-05-27
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    • Five For Fighting Superman (It's Not Easy)
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  • Comments: Wow, another vid so fast?!

    Yes, this is a record breaking speed vid for me done in a fraction of my usual editing time.
    NO FX! Well, almost none.

    For the record, this is also my most beautifully encoded vid to date. At only 31.8 megs!! 0_0

    Well nicely done Omni! *pats back*

    No need for 2nd pass compression here!

    On with the video:

    This is strictly a character profile of Kaoru Hanabishi, hero of Ai Yori Aoshi. Oddly enough, I only needed a mere 9 of the 23 eps of Ai Yori Aoshi I had to make this video. The toughest parts of this video included the off-beat cuts/edits since I can't tell when the singer is going with the rhythm of the song or without the rhythm. A tough synching job for me but I pulled through.

    Spoiler regarding some of Kaoru's past is in here, but nothing bad enough to break the series for ya.

    I was considering making it somewhat funny due to some of the lyrics of the song but I realized that an emotional non-fun fun vid from Omni Strata non-dance would be something nobody's seen before, if ever... [I hoped that my Boys Be vid would count but it is dance, just no fx ;_;]

    Anyways, enjoy the video and don't ask me why I didn't show Aoi's face in detail. Being a character profile, I did my darndest to avoid showing a clear face of anyone major but Kaoru in the vid.

    I tried using ONLY scenes where Aoi's eyes aren't visible [like near the beginning] but I realized I'd just run out of footage and settled for just her eyes closed at times.

    Don't wonder who Aoi is, if you need to know, watch this awesome love struck series. [one of the most realistic anime series actually using scenarios that could easily happen in reality ^_^]

    Leave an opinion! I'm new to this style of editing... ^_^

    Before people start asking why, this video is a dream... hence the dreamy opening/ending...

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