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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Hanai is right here ... waiting ...
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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    • Blink 182 Not Now
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  • Comments: My little tribute to Hanai Haruki.
    It's also a summary of all the main HanaiXname_of_a_girl relations.

    Hanai is a multidimensionnal character ...
    A loud and serious "four-eyes", so passionnate in everything he does ... he always ends up failing miserabily ! :D
    But at the same time, he's a strong and reliable person, caring for everyone, and an easy forgiver (except with Harima and Togou ! ^^ ).

    He has two main persons in his life :
    - Mikoto, his childhood friend, and somehow his hero
    - Yakumo, the unlucky target of his love

    Because he is so honest and so direct (or obsessive ! ^^ ), he doesn't see, or doesn't want to see, there are two others girls which are looking for his attention. Each one has her own way to deal with her own feelings :
    - Akira, sharp of mind and miserly of word, prefers to tease him than let him see what she really thinks
    - Tsumugi, an unknown talented sling-shooter, prefers to keep herself at distance, conscious there is no place for her in Hanai's single minded world.

    The music, "Not Now" from Blink 182, is clearly used to reveal this X-crossed relation :

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